Apr 14, 2020

Easter in Isolation.

I love the Easter long weekend for many reasons.  The religious context encourages me to reflect, find joy, practice kindness and express gratitude.  The pace of life in Sydney over the four days, the lack of traffic (and people) as well the quiet that descends on the streets make me love this city even more as I pretend I have the entire city to myself for the weekend.  Even staycationing feels luxurious and like a bit of an escape when you're only sharing the road with a handful of moving (!!) cars...

It's been the same but different this year.  We got the solitude and quiet as an early gift via a certain little virus that, you know, shares its name with a beer....

And I think that's the crux of Easter this year, the tone of this meme, I mean.  If you can't change it, live with it rather than fight the rules (because you think they only apply to other people).

This is how what our Easter in isolation looked like this year.

Socially distanced shopping at the supermarket where we parked next to a 'chook-mobile'.

FaceTime beverages and a bit of a gossip with a bestie.

Fish and Chips for dinner, ordered from a local takeaway.  It was delicious with the bonus of our being able to support a local business through these times which have seen so many businesses forced to close if they are unable to comply with the tough restrictions on patron numbers and the way their goods and services can be delivered.

We still hunted for eggs and bunnies.

I had a blast finding hidey holes for them all.

I'm such a mature parent...

Far too much chocolate for one child but I am pretty proud of my skills as a loom band artiste....

Twisting balloons into animals and flowers isn't a skill I possess but looping rubber bands together to make chickens and bunnies?

That's a life skill I've almost nailed.

The traditional two and bit hot cross buns for breakfast on Good Friday was savoured

before some extra long long weekend baking went down.

Nigella Lawson has an AMAZING recipe for small batch brownies, it's her Emergency Brownie recipe.  Mini foil roasting trays are the perfect size to make a batch that serves 6.

The batter is made up of staples you've probably already got in the pantry.  We substituted marshmallows for walnuts.

The batter all comes together over the stove and the end result is rich and buttery soft.

I can see myself requiring these Emergency Brownies quite regularly in the future.

Have you tried this Nigella recipe?

How was your Easter in isolation?

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