Apr 13, 2020

Life This Week 13/4/20: Share Your Snaps.

As I ease into the isolation life, I've found myself pleasantly surprised that there are still little things of interest to be found on my rather limited travels between school, work, exercise and essential services.  Or perhaps it's the shrinking of my physical, everyday world that's made my eyes keener to observe the unusual and the different.

A partially deflated basketball on a rain-soaked road that just missed the rubbish truck on bin day.  Deflated?  Us?  Bin day has become a creatively costumed event that's made people around Australian and the world smile.

Our Easter Egg Hunt still went ahead.  Just Master SSG and I and just around the house and garden.  I found this glass jar light at Woolies and gave it a test run ahead of the big day.

Phew!  My hairdresser came to me during the week.  With good hair and refreshed roots, anything is possible!

Our local cafes are selling their baked goods market-style now.  That's my hot cross buns for this year sorted.

The Brooklyn Boy bagel company opened a pop-up stall this week and I was lucky enough to grab one of their rainbow bagels for Master SSG. 

Which he ate with, wait for it .... CARAMILK flavoured cream cheese!!!!!!  That's right, Caramilk is now a cream cheese.  Run, don't walk.


  1. That's a lovely wrap up. It's quite cheery. I'm a little deflated this morning having read about Tim Brooke-Taylor. This is a lovely reminder of how to direct my focus. Thanks!

  2. Umm caramilk cheese? You're luck re your hairdresser, I'm so overdue to have my roots done that I'm beginning to contemplate the previously uncomtemplatable - growing out my colour.

  3. Love the colours in the glass jar light and that bagel. Now I wonder if we have Caramilk cream cheese here. #lifethisweek

  4. I saw the Caramilk cream cheese in Woolies, I bet it was delish especially atop that beautiful rainbow bagel! I love the light up jar and I'm very envious of your hairdresser visit, I just had to cancel my appointment for later in the month. The longer I'm in isolation, the more I want to dress up. At this rate I'll be walking the dogs in sequins and heels!

  5. Oh the caramilk philly cheese would be amazing. I'm not sure I need another 'crutch' (ie addition) at the moment though given the amount of easter chocolate I've inhaled!!!

    I love the way many cafes have adapted at the moment. We've got a lot collaborating to share delivery services and sell farmers' markets goods (bread and veges etc) out of their stores. I hope they get continued business and can stay open.

  6. Those hot cross buns look lovely, our bakery didn't have nice ones this year unfortunately (new owners)! Lucky you with your hair dresser coming to you, although I'm quite enjoying growing my hair and seeing the little silvery bits :) #lifethisweek

  7. Wow! That cream cheese sounds good. I will have to look for it in the stores once I get out again! The glass jar light you found is so pretty!

  8. The world is so changing...and I am glad you got your hairdresser to visit. Unsure what I will do because the length of my hair bothers me. Like what you could make of this prompt.
    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week, the optional prompt is 16/51 I Heard 20.4.2020 ...hope to see you there too. Denyse.


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