Apr 27, 2020

Life This Week 27/4/2020: Life.....

A bin chicken stretching their legs in the front garden.

Words and pictures from the week that was.

This close to clocking off after a long week on at work.

And clocking on to a week of jobs around the house and garden.

An isolation splurge dinner from Domino's.

I won't lie, I was more than just a little surprised at how good our pizzas tasted.

Plus there were leftovers for a special school holiday breakfast the next morning!

The supermarket has pretty much become our link to the world outside of home and work.  This week, it brought the Easter Show to our doorstep in the form of a range of showbags.

To say the school holidays this year have been different would be a bit of an understatement.  There are, obviously, many things I miss about how we usually spend the break - trips back to Perth, staycation adventures around Sydney, special meals out.  And then there's the guilt about working through the holidays this year.

However, as with how life has generally been with Rona, the universe has provided.  I've met three wonderful women who've stepped in as nannies for me.  It's been such a positive experience for us all as Master SSG has been able to learn about different cultures and get in touch with his creative side while I've been able to stay at work with the peace of mind that all is well at home.

How has the universe provided for you this week?


  1. We got a splurge dinner from the Grounds takeaway and it was great not to have to cook or do much more than shove stuff in the oven...had some ups and downs this week but mentally good again. Hooking onto the idea that the end is in sight...

  2. I was wondering what the round balls were at the end? Some sort of dough / bread?

    I'm coeliac and must admit I don't mind Dominoes gluten-free pizzas. It's hard to find really authentic Italian GF bases anyway, so they're as good as most!

  3. I agree, Easter and life in general are very different this year but we're slowly getting into our Iso-groove and enjoying the time at home and appreciating our walkies outside. That Dominos looks great, we've been enjoying take out from our local favourites, it feels good to be able to support them in such challenging times.

  4. Yes I get the supermarket being a link to the outside world, although I'm fortunate we can get out and ride our bike on the rail trail and often see people to wave to along the way. I miss meeting up with people for a sit down and a chat. We've been supporting our local restaurants by getting delicious takeaways once a week too, and it's been great! So glad to read of the nanny situation for you, must be such a relief. Take care. #lifethisweek

  5. I usually prefer to make my food - but sometimes take away is just what you need!

  6. Such a difference for you and Master SSG but glad the new Nannies are helping. This is such a time of unknowns and uncertainty and in your work even moreso. Take care my friend.
    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week the optional prompt is 18/51 Taking Stock #2 4.5.2020. Hope to see you there too. Denyse.

  7. It was such a strange Easter long weekend and time in general. I imagine you would have to work a fair bit this time. Hopefully, things will get easier and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel


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