May 1, 2020

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: April 2020.

April felt like a filler month for me.  A month to be lived as best I could under the circumstances with the hope that it would lead to less challenging and lifestyle restricted times.  Looking back, there were some beautiful moments, unique experiences and lots of happy times peppered throughout the last thirty days.  Not sure if I conquered the month but I'm here on the other side, eager to see what life will bring in May.
  1. The scrub life. 
    I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to civilian clothes…
  2. All hail the humble cheese toastie for dinner. 
  3. Well. It’s been another of those ‘What A Day!?!?’ days.  Deep breaths, debriefing phone calls and a solid night’s sleep. That’s my plan to help me get back into the saddle tomorrow. 
  4. And wouldn’t you know it?  Today was actually all right. One more day then off I go on a bit of a break. 
  5. I didn’t forget.  To turn back time, I mean! 
    Thank you, Cher!
  6. It was my first of seven days off today. 
    It was every bit as glorious as the sun that shone overhead.
  7. Pho, glorious, pho!
  8. A bagel rainbow for Master SSG.
  9. Good news from the work Zoom today.  We appear to be flattening the curve!!!!  Hurrah!!!
  10. There’s no denying that Easter will be different this year but as with everything else Rona has given us, I am determined to find the joy. 
  11. TikTok. I’m too old to make them but young enough to dance along in the privacy of my own home….
  12. It was a lovely Easter with Rona the Virus. 
    There  were eggs to hunt for and memories made.
  13. And I’m back on at work for my next 7-day stretch.  It was even, dare I say it … pleasant… working today.  Crazy busy but pleasant.
  14. Getting on with it at work and at home.  Highlight of the day?  Getting home early enough to get a load of laundry done.  
  15. Flu shot done!  Barely felt it. 
  16. “When you live in appreciation, you will never live in lack” source unknown but so very true.
  17. Pilates with plastic plates as sliders on the floor? 
    That’s how I roll. Literally. 
  18. This glorious sun! 
    It’s days like this where I forget that the world is in isolation and lock down. 
  19. And I’m entered in this year’s virtual Mother’s Day Classic. 
  20. I threaded the needle in the yoga meaning of the phrase this evening. My shoulders feel liberated.
  21. “Finish this run so bravely, Morgan Freeman himself would feel compelled to narrate it.” Love my Aaptiv led runs. 
  22. Loving how these weeks off give me ample time to do the housework. 
    And procrastinate between chores.
  23. Another glorious day of sun. 
    And scrubs.
  24. I attempted to make Dalgona coffee.
    Nailed it. Not really. Not a fantastic of the taste but the creamy texture is yummy. Might attempt again with less instant coffee. 
  25. Lest We Forget.
  26. Addicted to 'Ticket to Ride'. 
    It's a board game based on train routes and easy to pick up to boot.
  27. Dayglo blue to start my 7-day stretch.

  28. First day of term 2.  A slightly sombre feel to the day, there were so few students present, but an adventure for Master SSG all the same.
    Hoping we return to normality in coming weeks.
  29. Ugh.  A dead deadlock.  Three cheers for efficient locksmiths who came and sorted us out within the day.
  30. Feeling a sense of accomplishment at reaching the last day of April.  There's this sense of hope in the air.  The hardest times are behind us and we're now free to slowly rebuild.

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