May 31, 2020

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: May 2020.

May has been a month of little things.  Sydney is making those first tentative steps towards reclaiming our pre-Covid19 lives back.  On the one hand, it's been an amazing achievement by both the government and the public in getting us so quickly to this point on the curve but there have some elements of isolation life that I've really taken to.  I might take one or two aspects of this current way of life into my 'old new' life when I get it all back again.  Like the track pants.

I will look back on this time with mixed feelings.  I'm also pleasantly surprised just how much fun was had through all the restrictions and uncertainty.  Perhaps it's how you chose to frame the situation that makes it seem so.  Finding something, anything to define each of these days that seem to blur into one.  Even if it is something like enjoying track pants....  

  1. A day for roll necked sweaters and sweeping, long Chester coats. Brrr…
  2. A day for track pants as workwear. I’m just a bit late to this trend. 
  3. A day for spendy fruit for lunch at work because I’d forgotten to bring my apple from home.  The blackberrries were sourced from the fancy grocer down the road from work.
  4. A day for home learning.  It was the first day I’ve supervised and the novelty hasn’t worn off.  Yet.
  5. A day for gumboots and puddles.  Bliss.
  6. A day for sunshine and fairy wands.

  7. A day for ... things going wrong. Lots. Of. Things.  But tomorrow is another day, a Friday no less.
  8. A day for exploring and supporting local businesses.
  9. A day for staying in with board games, knitting and hot soup for lunch. 
  10. A day for mothers. 
  11. A day for attacking my pile of mail at work. It’s all shredded or recycled now. Can I get a round of applause?
  12. A day for nurses. Thank you. 
  13. A day for finding lost things - jar lids, household supplies I knew I’d bought after all. 
  14. A day for making decisions. 
  15. A day for negotiating. Firmly but politely. 
  16. A day for working.
  17. A day for working and then driving off into the sunset…..  days off here I come!!!!!!
  18. A day for discovering that the lyrics of songs now appear on your iPhone when you play them on iTunes. 
    So many word 
    mysteries solved….
  19. A day for sunshine and new hair. 
  20. A day for finding my favourite green tea at the supermarket, saving myself a trek to Costco.

  21. A day for making the most of that break in the weather.
  22. A day for the dryer. 
    And the ironing board.
  23. A day for meal prep.  Who knew roasted pumpkin puree could make such a delicious sauce for pasta. 
    Add walnuts?  Mind and tastebuds blown.
  24. A day for reinventing beef mince. 
    Here it is reimagined as Salisbury Steak in a mushroom sauce.
  25. A day for work.  No surprises there, it's Monday, after all.
  26. A day for treasuring the strength of true friendships.
  27. A day for effective time management. 
    And chocolate freckles.
  28. A day for stopping to enjoy the sunshine and to feel it on my face and hands.
  29. A day for my trusty Bunnings golf umbrella.
  30. A day for getting back into it after a couple days off sick with a family cold.  Grateful, as always, for the wonderful team I work with and how everyone steps in gladly to help out in times like these.
  31. A day for looking forward.  Another month down living with The Rona but it's also a month that's seen hints of 'normal' return to our lives.  I wonder what freedom June will bring.

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  1. LOL you are much better at sticking to a sentence each day than I am! Always enjoy reading these posts x


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