May 4, 2020

Life This Week 4/5/2020: Taking Stock

Making : do.  Repurposing was a previously underrated activity in my life.  I'm so glad I've discovered it now.

Cooking :  steel cut oats.  In my slow cooker.  It's taken a couple of attempts to get the right setting and time for cooking them but the trial and error was worth it.  

Drinking : mugs of tea.  As usual.

Reading: a draft report I need to submit and feeling grateful I'm collaborating with someone else.  I've learned a lot from the process and will be better at it the next time I'm required to do this.

Trawling: through my collection of activewear in an attempt to find any 'gaps' that need to be 'filled' with a purchase from the new season's drop.  There isn't a gap to be filled but you know me....

Wanting: not much at all.  The dust has settled on the chaos and I'm just focussing on one thing at at time, one day at a time.

Looking: forward to when the current travel restrictions will be lifted.  I won't lie, I'm missing my travel.

Deciding: where that first international destination will be.....  It's too hard, actually.  Reckon I'll just go with the flow and see which countries might be keen to allow tourists in this December.

Wishing: that my days off wouldn't speed by quite as quickly as they do.

Enjoying: that I don't wear makeup these days because it would only rub off onto my face mask and gown.  Hello, an extra 20 minutes each morning and potentially better skin.  The jury is still out on the state of my skin.

Waiting: for my last set of scrubs to arrive in the post.  

Liking: wearing scrubs every day at work instead of my usual work clothes.

Wondering: if I could, in fact, get away with wearing scrubs even when things return to 'normal'.

Loving: that life this week has seen me find a kind of rhythm in my new normal world.  Which is a big improvement on how things were even a fortnight ago.  I remember a lot of anxiety over the uncertainty of next month, next week and even tomorrow.

Pondering: my jeans wardrobe.  Just because.

Audible Stories: Free Audiobooks for Kids |

Listening: to Celeste Barber promote Audible. Love her to bits!!!!!

Considering: whether or not to crank the heat up on the slow cooker.  I overcooked my oats when I used the low setting last week.  But will the 'keep warm' setting provide enough heat to actually cook them?  The big questions of iso life.  

Buying: ski socks for Master SSG.  They don't seem to make Explorer type socks for 7-year-olds and his feet get so cold at night.

Toilet Seats | Caroma
via google images

Watching: YouTube tutorials on ... how to change your top-hinged toilet seat.  It looks too complicated for the likes of me.  I'm outsourcing.

Hoping: that there are plumbers out there who can come out to sort out the toilet seat situation in light of the coronavirus restrictions.

Marvelling: at the collective resilience of our community and our willingness to just help each other out and make life a bit easier for each other.  Thank you.

Cringing: at how much I spent on groceries this week.  It was the fish, poultry and meat I bought for meal prepping that did it.

Needing: less time online and feeling all the better for it.

not much really.  I'm on days off, it's school holidays.  I'm keeping it low stress.

Smelling: clothes fresh out of the dryer.

Wearing: that staple of covid couture... trackie decks!!!  These Cotton On ones are the bomb dot com.

Noticing: that going to the shops to buy groceries isn't the benign outing it once was so I only go once a week.  I've learned to make the contents of the fridge, freezer and pantry work for me and all three now show pleasing amounts of free space where once they were overfilled with ingredients for dishes I never quite got around to making.

Knowing: that things have begun to fall into place.  By which I mean that I've found myself no longer obsessing over what my calendar will look like beyond this coming week or even today if I'm to be perfectly honest.  Today's battles are the ones to fight today, yesterday's and tomorrow's belong in the past and future respectively.

Thinking: of things.  Nothing in particular.  But the mind is getting a good work out.

Admiring: the colour co-ordination between beverage and hoodie.  Well played, little guy!

Getting: into the groove of life in this new normal world.  The way my work is currently set up has helped.  One week on and out of the house then one week off to recover and stay at home. I'm three weeks into the cycle and consider myself a veteran.  In my previous life, twentysomething me worked shifts like this for months on end.  Maybe it's muscle memory that's seen me adapt relatively painlessly or maybe it's the way work prevents me from getting cabin fever and then makes me so tired that a week at home then feels like heaven.

Bookmarking: the Domino's homepage.  

Opening: the box that held leftovers from last night's pizza .... for Master SSG's breakfast.

Closing: said box and remembering just in time that the box goes into the normal waste bin, NOT there recycling one.

Feeling: the lunchtime Gin Buck.  Deeply.

Hearing: reassuring and sensible feedback regarding a situation I sought advice for.  Relaxing already now I have context.

Celebrating: that I'm beginning to enjoy the freedom that comes with fewer choices for practically every decision I need to make in my daily life.

Pretending: not to count how many icy poles Master SSG just had for morning tea.  It's hydration.  That's what it is.

Embracing: yoga-style scrub bottoms.  This pair feature the most comfortable waistband known to humankind.  They remind me of maternity jeans ... but better.


  1. Hi SSG,
    Our plumber Frank from Choice Plumbing is from Bondi & does a fabulous job. He came recently to our home to fix a few issues & followed great covid 19 guidelines. I highly recommend him & his company. Den xx

  2. Hi SSG, life certainly has been different hasn't it? I need some new trackkies for Winter as the mornings and evenings have certainly dropped in temperate even on the Gold Coast. Will check out the Cotton On brand. Take care and pleased to hear you are feeling better about life. Hopefully it won't be too long until we are back to normal life, although I'm not sure what that will look like.#lifethisweek

  3. So much to smile about here SSG and those scrubs - just keep on wearing them! Loved reading your words #lifethisweek

  4. Scrubs worn by health care professionals are very comfortable. Glad you keep calm and carry on. Have a wonderful week! #lifethisweek

  5. I'd love to hear how you cook Steel cut oats . I enjoyed reading your taking stock immensely.
    I love Audible books - I listen while walking and sometimes body weight exercising.
    I'm only shopping once a week and eating out our freezer and pantry too - helps we live 20 mins from any shops , so I go with 'whatever' some nights.

  6. I really need to bust out my slow cooker! How funny is Celeste Barber? I love her challenge accepted IG posts. Hilarious! x

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  7. It's interesting how the removal of choice is making life so much simpler. Having said that I too have very itchy feet.

  8. Regarding Corona virus, I reckon we're all going to takeaway so many new skills and changed mindsets from the experience of lockdown. We too have been into the slow cooker for some hearty meals.

  9. Hooray for mugs of tea!! All those trackie pants and scrubs look so comfy. I'm currently in maternity clothes so I definitely appreciate a nice stretchy waist! Hope you're able to stay safe and look after yourself in this time!

  10. Well your life is looking and sounding pretty good to me - and thank you for all your hard work on the front line - I hope you're not getting the rashes etc from the masks you're wearing all the time (altho the no makeup part would be nice - and the loose pants for work!)

  11. I too am getting into my isogroove - I find one day at a time is as much as I can manage right now. That said, I too am dreaming of adventures but I know my first stop will be the motherland to see my mum. I love how you have discovered scrubcouture! I think that is totally a thing!

  12. I'm with you on one thing at a time, one day at a time - it's become my motto now. Haha I must be one of the few people not in trackies during covid - I can't function dressed in pjs/casual clothes. SO I'm still dressing up for WFH and on weekends in jeans. Hope you have a good week ahead!

  13. I think we are all cringing at how much we spend on groceries. Eating every meal at home is cheaper than eating out at restaurants but spending all that money in one big chunk each week is startling!


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