May 21, 2020

Lovin' Life 21/5/2020: Sunny Days.

This week's love is a simple one.

Sunny days.  They make everything look better, they make you feel better, they're just better.

They feel like such a gift in the midst of autumn with its rain, transition to colder weather and those leaves that need to be dealt with each weekend.

Covid restrictions are lifting in Sydney and so far, most of us seem to be taking responsibility for ourselves as a sense of freedom begins to permeate the air.

Life is somewhat normal again.  There's traffic (I don't think I'll complain about it quite so bitterly for at least the rest of the year), cafes are both open and able to set a few patrons, I got my hair done, going to the supermarket isn't the tense chore it became over the last couple of months.

It's been a bit of an ordeal, these last few months and while we're not totally in the clear yet - we have the sun, we have blue skies, we have a bit of our freedom and our old lives back.

It's a solid start.


  1. It sure is a solid start. Fingers crossed all goes well with this ease of restrictions. Love all your photos! xo

  2. I think we are much more mood suseptible to the weather than we used to be. I've noticed it in myself. Even if all I get is a dog walk in the sunshine, it makes SUCH a huge difference.

  3. Pity today is not so sunny but you're right. In COVID times, look for all the good around us.


  4. No, we're not in the clear yet, but things are feeling more normal - although I think I'll be flying to NZ before I can visit my parents in Sydney!

  5. Every little nice thing is making us grateful, long may it last. Big love xx

  6. I am enjoying the loosening of the restrictions too - how fun that we will be able to travel around NSW again soon!

  7. Blue skies mean so much.
    The view in your top photo is spectacular!


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