May 7, 2020

Lovin' Life 7/5/2020: Five Things.

This week's things and moments.

Grapefruit segments for breakfast.  They remind me of breakfast buffets at North American hotels.  I wonder when I'll next be over that way...

Making 'cloud' playdough in the backyard with cornflour, food colouring and hair conditioner.  Sounds crazy but it works.

A picnic lunch at home.  One of the happier memories I'll carry forward with me of this rather strange time of our lives.

Waiting on dryer late one school night.  I've grown to rather like a spot of ironing before bed.

Ocean Bingo is just gorgeous.  It's a board game version of bingo featuring beautifully painted images of some of the ocean's citizens.  In the iso world, I reckon households fall into one of two camps - board games or jigsaws.  We're very much a board game household, how about you?


  1. That grapefruit looks delicious! I love the idea of a picnic lunch. It's not quite warm enough here to do that yet. Soon!

  2. The grapefruits for breakfast look very tempting! Always nice to have some fresh and healthy every once in a while!

  3. That picnic lunch looks yummy! Love the photo of the grapefruit but have to admit that's one fruit I don't like. BTW - I had never heard of Ocean Bingo before! xo

  4. I love your grapefruit photo. I love grapefruit. That one looks perfect! And we are a boardgame fam - every night after dinner since lockdown

  5. Cloud playdough and picnics in the backyard - lovely. We're camp jigsaw here (mainly because board games bore me even if the other two enjoy them).

  6. That grapefruit looks divine.
    And ... hair conditioner?? Really? Wow. I kinda wish I had a kiddie aged kid so I could try that.


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