May 20, 2020

Peace of Mind.

Say what you will about Covid living but for me, it's been a time of confronting some of my fears and just getting things done.

This week, I've come to terms with the rodent problem that is endemic to the part of Sydney where I live.  The houses are old, we are streets away from eateries and it's nearly winter.  It's the perfect storm, really.  Apparently, an additional trigger for the problem locally is that once restaurants and cafes shut down for prolonged periods like they have done with the virus lockdown, rats look for alternate food sources in places like nearby houses.

I'm feeling a bit clammy just typing.

Anyway.  The pest control people came by this week and confirmed my suspicions.  The local cats weren't just bringing their victims from someone else's house to my front courtyard.  Rodents are in the house.

It was actually a pretty painless experience.  My kitchen, laundry and roof space were checked and baits were placed.  I now also have bait boxes along the perimeter of my property.  The theory is that the bait inside will control the current situation while those on the perimeter will prevent a new wave of visitors from staking their ground.  

As for the baits themselves, they're meant to encourage rats to seek a water source because the bait makes them thirsty.  Theoretically, this will be water from a drain or sewer.  As a numbers person, there is a 1 in 500 chance of a deceased rat being found on your property.  There are better odds, apparently, than with supermarket baits.  Rodents who eat these are more likely to succumb on site.....

There will be a follow-up visit from the pest control people in about a month to see what's been eaten bait wise and to replace them.

In a strange kind of way, I'm feeling less scared about the rats and mice now.  Just knowing how they behave and what can be done to manage them has been empowering.  Should I hear any more scampering in the roof, I'm pretty sure my mind won't go into overdrive about rats nests and the roof caving in under the weight of rodents.....  There's a lot to be said for having peace of mind.

As fascinating as this all is, I can't end on that note.

How pretty are these bougainvillaea?  They were a sight for sore eyes this morning as I walked back up that hill after running down it earlier in the morning.

Be well.  And rodent-free this winter.

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