Jun 30, 2020

Life, Lately.

Life, lately....

Pausing at the window sill of a cafe down the road from work as I wait for my takeaway coffee.

Standing in the lift on my way to another something that's 'a little bit different... '.  There's never a dull moment at work.  The days are filled with unique personalities, the unpredictable and questions that don't always have answers (or rather the answers that we would like).

It's hands on (my winter hands on show for the world to see, above) and it's full on.  It's science but it's also an art.  It's an endlessly rewarding. endlessly fascinating world that I'm privileged to be a part of.  It's a world that happily co-exists with the other worlds of my life.

A run through the university campus next to work at the end of a weekend on.  These campus runs often put me in a reflective mood.  Hallowed academic institutions tend to have that effect on most of us, I think.

Our first visit from bicycle repair van.  The van is a thing of wonder.  It houses a complete workshop behind the driver's seat and all repairs take place within the van.  It wasn't just the likes of myself that were curious.  Passers-by stopped to chat, toddlers requested to be allowed to climb inside for a closer look.

Our current evening project is this 3D marble run puzzle.  The torches in the photo are for me.  I need extra bright light these days to read the finely printed instruction manual and the piece numbers on the puzzle.

Sometimes, the only thing that will clear a person's mind is to arrange themselves in a basic yoga inversion, close their eyes and breathe for a while.  It gets awfully cold being that still so thick socks are a must at the moment.

Haribo Bears as art, thanks to Master SSG.

Individual Mi Goreng packets as art, thanks to myself.  The Rona related hoarding has returned to Sydney.  In addition to toilet paper, 5 packs of Mi Goreng are also in short supply.  

I love this second-floor space at my hairdresser's.  It's airy, drenched in natural light and pleasantly still.  His talented hands have seen life restored to my hair.  I wonder how much blonder I can go?

Be well.

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