Jun 15, 2020

Life This Week 15/6/2020: The Week That Was.

It's been a week of little moments.

We attempted and conquered our first 500 piece jigsaw together.  After all that time thinking I wasn't a jigsaw kind of person.  Taking advantage of the momentum, there's another puzzle coming our way via Amazon this week.

These four got together for a natter and some scooter racing.

Before we all went on a mini bushwalk together.

I really am so very fortunate to have the friends that I do.  The memories we share, the experiences they coax me into sharing.

You know when life gets a bit nuts and the only thing that will fix your sleep deficit is a slap-up cream tea?  For breakfast.  It worked.

Retro has been the theme in the humble SSG Manor 2.0 kitchen.  Apricot Chicken is the ultimate oldie that's very much a goodie.

You know how I've been bumbling along at home on my knitting looms?  I got to wear one of my scarves to work this week.  A loud and proud lover of carbs, the stitch was. of course, the brioche.

In school mum news, it was make some prisms at home week.  Did you ever learn this trick when you were at school?  Scoring the fold lines on your shape net with one arm of your scissors and the edge of a ruler gives you a sharp fold every time.  

I can't help with how to make glued flaps stay stuck down, though.  This mum went hard and taped them all down.

Meanwhile at the coalface.  Winter has Arrived.  This week, all those steps taken and flights of stairs climbed have been fuelled by sugared tea (I never drink my tea with sugar at home but needs must) and Tim Tams.  I have my kind resident to thank for the Tim Tams.

These are our car park stairs.  I'm actually quite attached to them.  I bound down them on arriving to work each morning - keen to get a start on things and full of energy and purpose.  It's often quite different in the afternoons.  In a good way. The working day is done and so am I.  The upward climb, though tiring, helps me switch from work to home and mum mode.  

And there we have it.  The week that was.


  1. I have got right back into jigsaws too. I have 2, 1000 piece puzzles to tackle and I fear I may have taken on too much! I might make some scones too now that my oven is fixed. Thanks for the inspo.

  2. Oh bushwalk sounds nice. I feel like I'm low on nature even though I was walking by the ocean this morning!

  3. life is always better with tea and scones...

  4. Cream tea for breakfast? Yes please! I've never really got on the jigsaw puzzle craze either, but that flags of the world one does look fun. And apricot chicken has recently been revived in my household too!

  5. Tim tams with tea sounds perfect. I've definitely been drinking more cups of tea these days though mine are mainly herbal teas. Great work on the jigsaw puzzle - I like puzzles but didn't bother with any during this period. Have a lovely week ahead!

  6. Hi SSG - apricot chicken brought back some childhood memories - and I loved the jammy breakfast boost. And that jigsaw! Wow and well done :)

  7. It's been years since we have attempted a jigsaw. Nice to see the children out and having some fun again. My friends and coffee dates was what I missed most in the 'stay at home' call.

  8. Oh those carpark stairs...yet to return to Westmead car park but know eventually I will be back.

    Good on the boys getting out together. I have never made Apricot Chicken..maybe time to do so as I am looking for new recipes for me...

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. I have created a list of lovely regular linkers such as you on the right hand side of my blog. It's now showing more of the community that gathers here each Monday to share our stories. Great to see you here too. Next week's optional prompt is to 'share your snaps'....hope you will be back. Denyse.


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