Jun 1, 2020

Life This Week 1/6/2020: I Saw....

The things I've seen this week.  A kaleidoscope of colours, climates and subjects.  Life really isn't as mundane and predictable as you think it is.

A chocolate freckle for afternoon tea to celebrate my being at school pick up well before 5pm for a change.

My shopping from the little grocery store down the road from work.  There's no mistaking its Inner West location with that half loaf of Bowan Island wholemeal while the pre-cut pineapple and cold-pressed OJ (made on-site) are a collective nod to the tendrils of gentrification that are weaving themselves into the fabric of the 'hood and into the hearts of its traditionally artistic and student population.

My Uniqlo hoodie arrived this week and it's just the perfect cut for me.  The cuffs and waistband are loose, making the overall look casually drapy and the feel super comfy.  It's the only kind of athleisure leaning to loungewear look I can pull off reliably.

Parents and carers aren't allowed onto school grounds at the moment but their phones are.  Master SSG took this photo of the fort he built with his friends for me.

The look (and scent) of my kitchen benchtop this week.  Coffee is a given (instant at home ... it's always instant at home) but the perfume?  Well.  I managed to dislodge the tubing of the atomizer and the only way I could fix things was to ... openthetopandtippreciousperfumedownthedrain ...  Perhaps the perfume wasn't entirely wasted because the kitchen has been smelling luxe ever since.

I saw and splashed through a few puddles this week.  The wet weather has set in and my wellies are literally kicking up their heels.


  1. I often drop essential oil in the toilet after cleaning and the bathroom smells lovely. Maybe I should try the sinks too. I love your opening line 'Life really isn't as mundane and predictable as you think it is.' I too have found my focus has become more intent and a world of delight has appeared.

  2. Looks like a lovely week and you saw some wonderful things! Not a fan of the rain but your wellies make them look pretty bearable! Hope you have a fab week ahead!

  3. Hi SSG, so lovely to read your post on a Monday morning. I haven't heard of Uniqlo so I'm going to check that out for athlesiure wear. Freckles! You brought back memories of my childhood but they were much smaller way back then. Have a great week and take care. #lifethisweek

  4. Looks like you had a nice week SSG. I hope you had fun splashing through the puddles even though as adults, most of us don't like rainy weather. #lifethisweek

  5. I could use a day in a blanket fort :) Imagine if we hired out children to teach us skills like comfort forts that we lose as adults...

  6. Lots to smile about this week! Yay for freckles and how good is that fort? I totally need a pair of wellies although this week I finally splashed out on some boots comfy and sturdy enough for long, winter dog walks. Hope you have a great week!

  7. I love freckles too and sent one to my MIL that said LOVE, she was very happy! I also love that you jumped in the puddles, we did that today with my granddaughter too. Have a good week. #lifethisweek

  8. Oh no re the perfume. I'm in the market for a slouchy old-fashioned sloppy jumper - one made of a light fleece, with loose hanging waist and cuffs. I should check out Uniqlo.

  9. What a treat! I love freckles. Your son's little fort is so cute. My grandchildren love to play with the building blocks when they are visiting. You are never too old to be jumping in puddles.


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