Jun 29, 2020

Life This Week 29/6/2020: The Best Time of the Day.

In these unusual times, there is no one time of the day that's 'the best' for me.

Each day seems to bring dramatic change.  Sometimes it's welcome but mostly (or so it seems), change has directed us to places of fear, uncertainty, sadness, cruelty and disappointment.  

In the olden days, mornings were my thing.  I am still a morning person but these days, I don't wait for tomorrow morning to come so that I may appreciate it - I pause and try to find the best of right now.

A moment in between things at work to just pause, look up at that sky, breathe and feel the space around me on the top level of an inner-city car park.  The open airiness of level 9 mostly makes up for the flights of stairs I need to attack to get in to work.  Standing, looking and being still.  I think I even waved my arms around a bit while I was there.  I went down those stairs ready for act 2 of the working day.

Being just on time at the supermarket to score a rotisserie chicken fresh off the chicken spinner...  Despite the pressures of their jobs, everyone at my local Woolies always finds a smile and kind word when I have a query for them.

Friday afternoon was a bit ... quiet ... at work so I tempted fate and went for a head-clearing walk around the block.  I found parts of the university I never knew existed and I found new to me outdoor areas and sculptures around the back of the hospital too.

Home time is second only to mornings in my list of favourite times of the day.  It's always satisfying emptying overflowing pockets before getting changed and hitting the road and stairs for home.

It's just plain heartwarming stopping at school on the way home.  There's so much to discuss, so many songs on the radio to harmonize to.  It's less rushed than the morning's journey.  We might be tired and weary waiting at the lights for that final right turn but we're going home.  We are going home.


  1. I love what you did with this prompt...nice post. (love the rocket!)

  2. I think mornings are my favourite, if I can get up early enough, but like you I try to find my joy where I can throughout the day. I loved this sneak peek into your favourite parts of your day.

  3. Wow that umm... project? at the bottom looks amazing! Was it made at school or at home?

    And I'm obviously tired and emotional cos your comment about not waiting until the next day to appreciate 'today' (now) made me teary as I was writing something about that yesterday but couldn't quite convince myself of it!

  4. That's a lovely account of your day and special times SSG. When my kids were little home time was the best! Now that I'm retired there's not any one best time of the day anymore - it's all good! #lifethisweek

  5. I love finding those little 'secret' areas when you thought you knew the place.

  6. I so feel for you with a boy's winter uniform like that...my goodness, how DO you keep it clean. I also like his creativity! The feelings at work...and out and about are indicative of being 'over it' and you are missing your very much enjoyed OS trip. I am sorry about that. Thank you so much for linking up. We are more half way through the year now. Next week it's time for: 27/51 Taking Stock #3 6.7.2020 so I look forward to seeing you then, on or off prompt. Denyse.

  7. Such a great way of enjoying the whole day. I love all your photos.


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