Jun 8, 2020

Life This Week 8/6/2020: Autumn Leaves. Mexican Cheese. Playdough.

Life this week....

The bare-branched, arching trees of winter

and the last of the leaves of autumn.

It's only taken until the end of autumn for me to pause and really see the faded golds, russets and burnt orange hues of the leaves.  Better late than never.

On a more practical note, we're heading into the season of sturdy and practical.  My Bunnings golf umbrella ticks both boxes confidently.

Aren't triangles fascinating?  Who knew that they can be two different types at once?  Who still remembers what those types are?

It's a geometry unit for school maths at the moment.  There isn't enough coffee and tea in all the land to give me the focus to relearn and then teach it to someone else...

What I have learned, though, is a nifty trick for removing kernels of corn from fresh cobs.

If you slice the kernels off into a large bowl, you'll hardly lose a single one to the kitchen floor!

Why the sudden need for fresh corn kernels?  A batch of slow cooker Mexican chilli, of course.

My recipe was a hybrid of a few Google lead me to.  The key ingredients whatever the recipe were: sweet potato, capsicum, red onion, black beans and the corn (of course).  Seasoning wise I went with a packet (!!) of Old El Paso chilli mix, a few teaspoons of Mexican chill powder, cumin and paprika.  I also added a large tin of crushed tomatoes and a half jar of Jalapenos.  Instead of pre sauteeing the onions etc, I roasted all the veg in the oven.

PSA - Woolworths sell a Mexican Inspired cheese mix that I simply stirred through my chilli after it cooked.

To serve, I went with a lime wedge, coriander, spring onions, sour cream and some salsa.

I swear I didn't miss the corn chips or avocado....

In other kitchen adventures, we made playdough using this recipe.

It's a stovetop recipe using readily available, cheap ingredients.  All of which can be found at the supermarket (now that stocks are better and hoarding is but a mostly distant memory).  It only takes a minute or two to get the mixture to a doughy consistency.

It's then only a matter of adding your desired food colouring to the dough and mixing it in thoroughly.  We used standard liquid food colouring and the colours were pretty impressive with regards to colour pay off in the dough.  We made three different colours from one batch of dough - each colour being about one and a half times the weight of your average PlayDo tub.

The dough is super soft, doesn't stick to anything and has already lasted a week stored in takeaway containers.  The recipe states you can get around 3 months' life from a batch.  All in all, a great recipe to have on hand if you care for children,

How's your week been?  Good, I hope.

Be well.


  1. I must admit I've never de-kerneled corn. Didn't god also invent it in tins and packets? ;-)

    Autumn isn't particularly amazing here in Queensland, but I know when I lived in Canberra it was quite spectacular!

  2. I must admit I've never de-kerneled corn. Didn't god also invent it in tins and packets? ;-)

    Autumn isn't particularly amazing here in Queensland, but I know when I lived in Canberra it was quite spectacular!

  3. You've been very busy and industrious, it appears!!

  4. That chilli sounds wonderful - and yes, that's how I do the corn cobs too - to the eternal disappointment of the dog.

  5. Oh I saw that cheese mix recently - Aldi used to have one that was similar but with a third type (white pepper or something?). We called it sparkly cheese haha. It went well in tacos.

  6. Oh that took me back to the days I made play dough for my daughters! I'll have to get the recipe back out for my grandchildren soon :) #lifethisweek

  7. Wow lots of practical info here. If I was still doing 'grandma care' that playdoh stuff would be given a go.

    Thank you for linking up this week. I have changed my blog’s home page; right hand-side, to note the regular bloggers and blog names who link up for Life This Week. I am very grateful that you are one of those. See you next week when the optional prompt is Kindness. Take care, Denyse.

  8. I did not know Mexican cheese was a thing! Not a fan of winter though I'm glad there are still remnants of autumn leaves.


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