Jun 11, 2020

Lovin' Life 11/6/2020: This Moment.

It's nothing special or fancy but this week I'm loving just sitting in my backyard feeling the warmth of the winter sun on my face and hands.

The lawn needs a bit of a trim (after I've seen to its blanket of leaves).

I've neglected a few (most) of the planters on the verandah.

But I'm here, very much in the moment and enjoying it immensely.  That I have this pocket of time to myself.  That I have nowhere else to be right now.  That I have this place to call my own.  That I can enjoy what's in front of me with all my senses.

I am lovin' and living this moment.


  1. The present is a wonderful present to enjoy. Glad you chose to live in the moment. #lovin'lifelinky

  2. I can very much relate to this post SSG. How good is winter sun?! So beautifully warm and comforting. xo

  3. Hi SSG - we both have sneaker photos for our posts today! Glad you found a little bit of "me time" in the sunshine - it always brightens my day when I sneak a moment in for myself during a busy week too.

  4. I'm loving the winter sun too. I have a fabulous little spot on my back verandah which catches the afternoon sun - bliss!

  5. Way to go...or not go anyway. There is something about sitting in Winter sunshine that is so good and helpful to our whole way of being. Lovely!
    Denyse #lovinlife


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