Jun 18, 2020

Lovin' Life 18/6/2020: Five Things.

Five things I've loved about life this week - in more than five photos....

There has been an awful lot of drenching, day's plans changing rain of late here in Sydney but doesn't it make a pretty, marbled pattern of oil on footpaths?

I'm pretty sure I've got the planting times back to front but these basil seeds were on sale at the supermarket and they worked out cheaper than a bunch of basil.  Cross your fingers for me.

Monday Evening Me always has kind words to say to Sunday Afternoon Me when she's meal prepped dinner.  It seems to be lasagna season at the moment and Sunday Afternoon Me did us proud with this semi-healthy version.

It features a meat sauce made with two jars of this Marinara sauce from Lieber's.  Being American, it tastes sweeter than other brands I've tried but it's also got a wonderful richness in flavour and texture.

How good is it when you buy a packet of fresh lasagna sheets and there are just enough sheets in the package to fit your baking dish.  Storing leftover fresh lasagna sheets is a challenge I never rise to.

The healthier / lighter components of my lasagna - a layer of spinach and a cheese sauce layer that's actually mostly roasted pumpkin.  Recipe based on Bake Play Smile's.

Way over on the other side of the kitchen, just by the kettle, a mind (mine) was being blown.  The internet was correct, boiling water does put the spring back into stretched coiled hair ties.

With our weekends of late being less scheduled than normal, we've been taking ourselves to our local park up the road in the afternoons.

As of last weekend, we now ride or run cautiously behind the bike rider to the park and back.  What a difference four years makes....


  1. Your lasagna looks good and healthy. Fingers crossed for your sweet basil. I hope you share photos once your basil plants start growing. #lovin'lifelinky

  2. Oooh I do need to make lasagne again. Yum.

  3. Oh that lasagne looks delicious SSG! I'm going back to click on that link and will bookmark the recipe. Yum yum! xoxo

  4. Four years makes a huge difference when we look at children doesn't it SSG. Our little grandgirl turned 4 in April and I was looking back at photos of her visits - SO much development in so little time (while my life hardly changed at all.....well, other than chucking in the soul destroying job!)

  5. Okay, that tip about coiled hair ties has the power to change my world...and fingers crossed re the basil.

  6. what a different 4 years makes!! He's getting so big SSG! and I love that lasagna with the "hidden" vegies. You nail this Lovin Life stuff. It's the little things ...


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