Jun 4, 2020

Lovin' Life 4/6/2020: Toasties.

Toasties, jaffles - whatever you know them as - do we all agree that they are Good with a capital 'G'?

There are toasties you prepare for by purchasing their ingredients with the express purpose of sandwich assembly, there are standard issue toasties you might make for your resident 7 year old for breakfast, there are even dessert toasties as well as fancy ones you partake of in a cafe or bar.

The best ones, however, have to be the ones you make with leftovers in the fridge on Sunday night.  It's been a long week, you've been really good about making or reheating dinners that you made in advance.  You haven't dialled your favourite takeaway once nor have you hit up the Domino's site for a cheeky cyber pizza.

But what you do have are odds and ends as well as not enough energy to do anything too energetic with them.

Enter the wonder of placing it between two pieces of buttered supermarket bread.  The staler the better with the bread because there's often lots of sauce or gravy with leftovers and they make short work of super fresh bread.

And there you have it.  The best kind of dinner on a lazy Sunday night.  I let mine cool in the sandwich press for a few minutes as I potter around getting a load of washing started and organizing school things for Monday morning.  Then, it's time to sit back in my pyjamas, put my feet up and take that first bite of memories of being home with mum and dad back in Perth.

What's the most memorable toastie you've ever made?


  1. Toasties are my winter treat. I love them! Sooooo good!

  2. Haha my husband has been wanting a toastie maker - it appears he's really craving the sealed in edges :)

  3. Man, I love a toastie...or a raffle when cooked outside over a fire with leftovers and cheese jammed into it...always cheese.

  4. That should, of course be *jaffle* with a j...

  5. I love toasties. So easy to make and so delicious!


  6. I love jaffles and toasties and yes - with leftovers! I love savoury mince in there, or your classic Ham, Cheese, Tomato, or baked beans, or some leftover casserole or mornay or anything really. Yum! xo

  7. I love a great toastie SSG - our sandwich toaster is completely flat and I love how little it takes to clean it (after the good old days of prising cooked on cheese out of the grooves of our old one!)

  8. I love the comfort foods and this looks like one indeed! Denyse


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