Jun 2, 2020

The First Day of Winter.

Sydney, you didn't do too badly for the first day of winter.

I was greeted with a string of rainbows on the footpath as I ran on Monday.

Being a Days Off Monday, I had all the time in the world to see the sights.  Or sites as the case may be.  It's not every day that you get to see this view of the harbour from a building site.

Precision creepers and hedging.  Not things you're ever going to see at my place but isn't it a collective vision of wonder and splendour?

Just how does one trim a plant so precisely to get leaves to yield to the symmetry of geometry?

Because it was one of those too much time on my hands kind of days, I went for a rummage in my lucky dip bag of samples.  I came up with this likely looking specimen.  It's hair oil and I loved everything about the way it looked - the colours of the glass bottle, the name of the product, the promise of the product but alas it was not meant to be.  For a start, I had to break open the stopper using my mini screwdriver set and secondly, the contents just weren't all that for my hair.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained - I'll be getting another bottle of Morrocan Oil when I'm done with my current one, thanks.

No lazy school day is complete without lunch from the fridge accompanied by the current issue of Woolworths magazine. 

Those banana and grape dolphins with cloves for eyes have my name written all over them.

There's one thing I didn't capture in a photograph about the day.  It felt like the world was getting back to normal.  There were traffic jams on the main roads of my run, people were commuting to work, children were on their way to school and those sounds of a city going about its business could be heard wherever I went.  We're getting there.  I just know it.

Be well.

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