Jul 30, 2020

Lovin' Life 30/7/2020: An Old Favourite.

My bottle of a much loved but ridiculously expensive perfume has been sitting untouched since the spring of last year.

Let's call it Frivolous Fragrance #1.

It's a heady fragrance.  At its heart are notes of Turkish rose and from there it travels to notes of cinnamon, incense and sandalwood.  I feel dressed whenever I wear it.  Some might politely suggest its a fragrance to wear for nights out but to me, it was the perfect everyday fragrance.  Not quite worn with the 'places I'd rather be' intention but more as a nod to the fact that even in the midst of the everyday, the unexpected sometimes graces us with its presence.

But somewhere along the way, this minimalist bottle of possibilities found its way to the back of my perfume shelf.  The weather got warmer, the world got crazier and as I adapted to the new normal, I reached for my other favourite, ridiculously expensive perfume more often (and eventually ever morning).  Let's call it Frivolous Fragrance #2.  Also rose-based.  Only working the quirky elegance angle where FF #1 is all about quirky opulence.  I can always hope that the fragrance dictates the overall appearance...  Work in progress.


FF #2 ran out this week so I threw caution to the wind and reached for FF#1.

It was almost as if most of 2020 had never happened.  The world smelled as it should and by extension, it began to feel and look the way it should as well.

I've decided not to 'save' this perfume for when things 'get back to normal'.  Instead, I'll be wearing it to work every day.  

Except on the days I might choose to wear FF#2 again.  Because I also love it so much that I'm planning to treat myself to a new bottle for my next birthday.

Do you have a favourite perfume, or two?  Do you wear them all the time or do you 'save' them?

Jul 27, 2020

Life This Week 27/7/2020: Five Things.

I'm writing this post on a Saturday afternoon.  After a restorative walk around the park this morning and before I have to empty the dishwasher.  It's that time of the year, isn't it?  A balance of trying to actually relax on the weekend but also trying to catch up on your to-do list while you're at it.

These are my highlights of the week just gone...

Discovering fabulous coffee whilst out and about for work.  Community days are a double-edged sword for me.  They often present me with unanticipated challenges but this week the challenges came with incredibly supportive feedback.  The kind that makes it all worthwhile.  This coffee was the icing on the cake.

My Bendigo Woollen Mills order arrived.  It's especially wonderful to be able to support an iconic Australian business through these times.  Looking forward to seeing where my crochet hook will take me with these yarns.

After that hook has made my face mask extenders, that is.  Surgical face masks are now officially mandatory at work.

Crochet Face Mask Extender PATTERN | Ear Saver Relief - PDF EMAIL ...

The idea behind crochet mask adapters is illustrated in the above photo from Google images.  Making the extenders is easy.  It's finding the buttons for them that I'm struggling with.  I see a Spotlight order in my future...

Speaking of online orders (but when does this blog not refer to them?), say hello to my new Kindle.  My old one put in years of faithful service before suddenly losing its ability to get recharged.  As usual, service by Amazon was speedy and efficient.  My Kindle arrived within a day of my ordering it.

It looks like I'm officially a soccer mum as of this week.  Master SSG went to his first class over the weekend and so far so good.  He's made new friends and his coach is positive but at the same time encourages fair play and working towards individual improvement with each drill he sets.  

The bonus of soccer practice at Centennial Park with all its weekend traffic and parking dramas is the Spruce Goose caravan of delights.

Eating a hotdog or sipping a coffee by the lake with the ducks and swans is all anyone needs to galvanize them for the drive home ahead.  The ducks, by the way, are spoilt by the patrons of the Spruce Goose.

Jul 21, 2020

Canberra. Jindabyne. Home.

Nancy Sinatra, these boots were made for walking.

And walk we did.

On the other side of our road trip.

Time flies when you get to hold the brownies in the car and your pit stops are punctuated with coffee.

Canberra was looking Friday afternoon fabulous.  The universe has its methods.  Throughout all the chaos of living with the virus, it saw fit to deliver a clear-skied, sunny and relatively low wind day for our day in the capital.  My heart is warming to you, Canberra.  Even if my hands aren't quite there yet.

Canberra also knows me too well.

Look what I found at the National Portrait Gallery gift shop?

I feel very fortunate that we had this chance to take a break from Sydney.

Jindabyne was our home for the weekend and it welcomed us back like family.

I resumed my sunrise cuppa and chat with the lake upon rising each day.

Hours were whiled away crocheting and reading under the light of filtered winter sun.

The snow and icicles beckoned at Smiggin Holes.

Against a backdrop of stark alpine beauty, people glided this way and that on skis or snowboards.

The challenges and uncertainties of the city seemed so far away out there in the snow.

We changed pace at Sawpit Creek where we hiked (but mostly had snowball fights) with the boys.

Hiking to a soundtrack of a lively creek?  Something I don't do often enough in the city.

Ditto drinks at sunset where sunset looks like this....

The long journey home began with a walk around the lake and a mutual promise that we'd see each other again soon.

Before heading for Canberra and the National Arboretum, created on land devastated by the Canberra bushfires of the early 2000s.

The Telstra Tower dominates the skyline of the arboretum.

There are hiking paths to explore as well as a stunning bonsai collection.

The Pod Playground was a fan favourite with the boys.

And just like that, here we are.

Back at work wearing shoes destined for less exciting terrain than my hiking boots eating various things out of packets because I ran out of time to grocery shop on Sunday.

The back story - the yoghurt was a sour cream substitute for my Mexican chilli and the guacamole a sub for fresh avocado.  They worked.

Who knows when we'll next be able to travel?  In the meantime, at least my favourite teas to travel with are only as far away as the supermarket.  Hope we will still be able to visit them in the coming weeks....

Jul 16, 2020

Lovin' Life 16/7/2020: The Annual Leave Edition.

Hello from the land of annual leave.

I've said bye for now to this view of Rozelle Bay and Jubilee Park that I usually gaze at whilst stuck in the traffic heading home through the tunnel.

And hello to decadent weekday sleep-ins and runs along the beach that end with a mid-morning takeaway coffee.

Bedtimes have been fluid this week, maximum daily screen time is a number I choose not to recall or enforce this week and new board games have been broken in.

I've whiled away hours on the couch lost in the world of Tyrone Swift, the troubled hero of a Gretta Mulrooney's crime series.  I've also been crocheting.  It's been market bags this week.  Only they're not market bags in our house but rather plushie carriers...

Something that's almost as good as heading off solo on an international flight for work is heading off solo to the shops with a coffee.  Spotlight has that special place in my heart that others may reserve for Bunnings.

I don't see myself running out of tapestry needles anytime soon.

This week has been surprisingly productive too.  The play area has been decluttered and the resulting space has been put to good use.  Kmart came to the party with this $10 desk lamp and $3 mug.  The mug is a repeat purchase.  They are hardy, make a massive mug of tea and the handle is Goldilocks level just right for my grip.

We're off to the snow tomorrow.  Better get packing.

Jul 13, 2020

Life This Week 13/7/2020: A Newtown Weekend.

And I'm officially 'out of office'.  

A week of annual leave awaits and I'm looking forward to making a mostly low key time of it.

Crochet is my latest passion (just in case you hadn't already noticed this for yourself) and I'll be spending as much time as possible on the couch with my yarn and hook.  

I had a few things to do at work over the weekend before officially signing out.  Master SSG came along for the ride and it ended up being a weekend of sharing my work world with him and in the process, making some new discoveries for myself along the way.

We had made to order Japanese at a delightful little restaurant on King Street and then went wandering further down the road to explore.

I love the energy of Saturday afternoon Newtown.  Newtown is colour, freedom, individuality and acceptance.  

I find myself walking that little bit more slowly as I give into the prevailing energy of the locals who are mostly young students or free of school-aged children (or rather the tightly scripted weekends that children of that age tend to have these days).  My rewards for slowing down are the little details I'm now free to observe and collect like treasures as we stroll.

A wall of earrings for every mood or frame of mind you may find yourself in.

Blind book 'dates' at Elizabeth's.

I have so many fond memories of visiting Elizabeth's in Perth with dad.  And now here I am taking my son for a wander along its iconic green bookshelves.

Perfectly ordered tubes and bottles of paint that inspired me take up a brush - on the canvas of my imagination.

But who knows?  I've learned to crochet, perhaps iso living will also see me learn to paint....

We didn't have enough fingers to count the number of gelato options we had for dessert.  Mapo won in the end.

Stracciatella was our pick - a light but rich vanilla studded with chocolate chunks.

Jubilee Park and its breathtaking views of the city feature in my drive between home and work.  It marks my internal transition from work to home mode. 

On Sunday, I stayed in home mode just a bit longer.  I parked the car and escorted Master SSG and his scooter to the park to make the most of the sunshine before the rain set in.

As usual, major food decisions had to be made.  The Fancy Banger caravan was very tempting but we found it way too soon after breakfast.

It's never too early for coffee and crepes at The Little Marionette, though.  Of course, we found ourselves at The Tramsheds after Park Hour.

And of course, the Supamart there had the one grocery item I was previously unable to find in my travels through less super supermarkets.  Along with toilet paper, Moet (!!) and 5 pack Mi Goreng, there's been a run on pickled ginger here in Sydney.

Has Newtown weaved its magic on you recently?


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