Jul 1, 2020

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: June 2020

As I look back on my daily sentences for June, it struck me that the overarching theme among many of them was thought, reflection and goal setting.  This quiet life I've found myself has had a surprise benefit of giving me time to reboot my mind and life.  I'm looking forward to approaching the second half of 2020 with the tools that June has seen me find from within.

  1. The first day of winter.  Not that you could tell from the sky today.  I’m certainly not complaining.
  2. Autumn colours on my run and a steaming bowl of Mexican chilli for lunch. 
    Definitely had a colour theme running through today.
  3. And we’re back to regular programming with the return of the sun today.  It was bliss just sitting in the backyard, feeling those radiant rays on my face and hands.
  4. The simple of joy to be found on just stretching, breathing and occupying space boldly. 
  5. “Knowledge is power” the words of Sir Francis Bacon.  Three words that also work as a calming and empowering mantra.
  6. Sunshine, friends and the great outdoors.
    A perfect celebration of covid restrictions lifting slowly but surely. 
  7. Sometimes (make that all the time) all you need is the chance to make word salad with the contents of your mind.  It’s a wonderful thing being able to use language as a creative outlet. 
  8. Feeling motivated by the numbers in my offset account. Slow but steady progress is being made. 
  9. Yoga tonight. As much about strengthening my mind as it is my body. 
  10. Face to face team meetings feel so…. crowded.   Later days, Zoom.
  11. Ticking things off my to-do list today.
  12. I’m going to look at it this way.  We’re getting the rain out of the way today ahead of a clear-skied weekend.
  13. Phew.  Nothing major going on with my car.  All it needs is a service.  Crisis averted.
  14. And we have a new and confident bike rider in the house!!!!!
  15. Monday Evening Me thanking Sunday Afternoon Me for the gift of this lasagna. 
  16. That feeling when you’ve read the last (for now) in your current favourite crime series.  Jenny Starling, when will we meet again?  Soon, I hope.
  17. I’ve rediscovered MoroccanOil. The original and the best for my hair. 
  18. How can there be a champagne shortage at Dan's at a time like this?  Actually, nevermind.  Answered that one for myself.
  19. Just one of those lovely Fridays where everything fell into place.  
  20. Major crochet breakthrough made. Amazing the difference the right sized hook for your yarn makes. 
  21. Namaste.  Happy International Day of Yoga.
  22. I finally downloaded all the updates AND restarted my laptops.  Surprise, surprise… this is all it took to sort out its sluggishness.
  23. Sometimes you do need to “close your eyes to find the beauty”. My audio-guided runs don’t just motivate me to run, they also make me find new perspectives on life as I bumble along.
  24. Restoration by way of stillness.... a shift in perspective does the world of difference sometimes.
  25. “Stay in awe of life. 
    The little things are the big things.” words of wisdom from Richie Norton. 
  26. In surprisingly good spirits this Friday ahead of a weekend at work. 
  27. Work, work, work.
  28. There's no turning back now.  That difficult to write email has been sent and whatever reply it brings, I presented my argument as impartially as I could.
  29. A stirring of stagnant breath and thoughts, an expelling of the things that no longer do you good.... Yoga never fails to turn my mood and energy around when nothing else does.
  30. New hair!!!!!!  The perfect way to end the month.

July, what will you bring us?


  1. Sounds like a great month. Where is the pic of your new hair do??

  2. I used that Richie Norton quote last week - I'd never heard of him before & then twice in a week! Life is funny like that. (I must google who he is?!)
    Also I really love that oil shot - very eye catching and detailed.

  3. Okay, I just went back and looked at your comment last week. I'm an idiot...not quite the AMAZING coincidence I was imagining....my excitement is in overdrive at the moment - clearly.

  4. Stay in awe of life - the little things are the big things .... totally true. Here's to the 2nd half of the year - may it be a tad simpler.

  5. 13th and 14th were big days in the SSG household! Nothing majorly wrong with car (PHEW) and a fully fledged bike rider in the house (YAY!)
    Love it
    Thanks for joining the #lovinlifelinky
    see you again soon SSG

  6. I think there is a personal bright spot for many people being at home so much. Great post.

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World


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