Jul 21, 2020

Canberra. Jindabyne. Home.

Nancy Sinatra, these boots were made for walking.

And walk we did.

On the other side of our road trip.

Time flies when you get to hold the brownies in the car and your pit stops are punctuated with coffee.

Canberra was looking Friday afternoon fabulous.  The universe has its methods.  Throughout all the chaos of living with the virus, it saw fit to deliver a clear-skied, sunny and relatively low wind day for our day in the capital.  My heart is warming to you, Canberra.  Even if my hands aren't quite there yet.

Canberra also knows me too well.

Look what I found at the National Portrait Gallery gift shop?

I feel very fortunate that we had this chance to take a break from Sydney.

Jindabyne was our home for the weekend and it welcomed us back like family.

I resumed my sunrise cuppa and chat with the lake upon rising each day.

Hours were whiled away crocheting and reading under the light of filtered winter sun.

The snow and icicles beckoned at Smiggin Holes.

Against a backdrop of stark alpine beauty, people glided this way and that on skis or snowboards.

The challenges and uncertainties of the city seemed so far away out there in the snow.

We changed pace at Sawpit Creek where we hiked (but mostly had snowball fights) with the boys.

Hiking to a soundtrack of a lively creek?  Something I don't do often enough in the city.

Ditto drinks at sunset where sunset looks like this....

The long journey home began with a walk around the lake and a mutual promise that we'd see each other again soon.

Before heading for Canberra and the National Arboretum, created on land devastated by the Canberra bushfires of the early 2000s.

The Telstra Tower dominates the skyline of the arboretum.

There are hiking paths to explore as well as a stunning bonsai collection.

The Pod Playground was a fan favourite with the boys.

And just like that, here we are.

Back at work wearing shoes destined for less exciting terrain than my hiking boots eating various things out of packets because I ran out of time to grocery shop on Sunday.

The back story - the yoghurt was a sour cream substitute for my Mexican chilli and the guacamole a sub for fresh avocado.  They worked.

Who knows when we'll next be able to travel?  In the meantime, at least my favourite teas to travel with are only as far away as the supermarket.  Hope we will still be able to visit them in the coming weeks....

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