Jul 13, 2020

Life This Week 13/7/2020: A Newtown Weekend.

And I'm officially 'out of office'.  

A week of annual leave awaits and I'm looking forward to making a mostly low key time of it.

Crochet is my latest passion (just in case you hadn't already noticed this for yourself) and I'll be spending as much time as possible on the couch with my yarn and hook.  

I had a few things to do at work over the weekend before officially signing out.  Master SSG came along for the ride and it ended up being a weekend of sharing my work world with him and in the process, making some new discoveries for myself along the way.

We had made to order Japanese at a delightful little restaurant on King Street and then went wandering further down the road to explore.

I love the energy of Saturday afternoon Newtown.  Newtown is colour, freedom, individuality and acceptance.  

I find myself walking that little bit more slowly as I give into the prevailing energy of the locals who are mostly young students or free of school-aged children (or rather the tightly scripted weekends that children of that age tend to have these days).  My rewards for slowing down are the little details I'm now free to observe and collect like treasures as we stroll.

A wall of earrings for every mood or frame of mind you may find yourself in.

Blind book 'dates' at Elizabeth's.

I have so many fond memories of visiting Elizabeth's in Perth with dad.  And now here I am taking my son for a wander along its iconic green bookshelves.

Perfectly ordered tubes and bottles of paint that inspired me take up a brush - on the canvas of my imagination.

But who knows?  I've learned to crochet, perhaps iso living will also see me learn to paint....

We didn't have enough fingers to count the number of gelato options we had for dessert.  Mapo won in the end.

Stracciatella was our pick - a light but rich vanilla studded with chocolate chunks.

Jubilee Park and its breathtaking views of the city feature in my drive between home and work.  It marks my internal transition from work to home mode. 

On Sunday, I stayed in home mode just a bit longer.  I parked the car and escorted Master SSG and his scooter to the park to make the most of the sunshine before the rain set in.

As usual, major food decisions had to be made.  The Fancy Banger caravan was very tempting but we found it way too soon after breakfast.

It's never too early for coffee and crepes at The Little Marionette, though.  Of course, we found ourselves at The Tramsheds after Park Hour.

And of course, the Supamart there had the one grocery item I was previously unable to find in my travels through less super supermarkets.  Along with toilet paper, Moet (!!) and 5 pack Mi Goreng, there's been a run on pickled ginger here in Sydney.

Has Newtown weaved its magic on you recently?


  1. You were in my 'hood!! Lovely shots. Enjoy your break!

  2. I love Newtown! My work is based in Newtown and it's one of the reasons I miss being in the office! It's so great to walk around King Street and see the quirky shops. I haven't been to Tandem in ages!!

  3. I love the sound of a book blind date - what a fun idea! It's amazing what things you can find when you slow your pace a bit, especially in such an eclectic place like Newtown!

  4. That blind book date sounds hilarious!! What a vibrant area Newtown is and you've captured the colour beautifully! Enjoy the slower pace and eat gelato! #lifethisweek

  5. I haven't been into the city area in so long. I miss everything about it. I love how, through your photos, you've picked out a lot of the little things we simply pass by. We've had the best winter and we have also spent a lot of time out in the sunshine.

  6. I hope you get to have a restful week and do get to spend some time on the couch. It looks like you've been having a bit of a staycation already and lots of fun!

  7. A run on pickled ginger? Really? Looks like a great weekend...and I love those blind dates with a book...

  8. I have pickled ginger envy, I live in rural NSW, and usually have a supply of pickled ginger that I purchase at Woolworths supermarket (they have not had any in stock for several weeks). I found some pickled ginger on line only to receive a message after placing my order to say that they were out of stock.

  9. So good to view your normal workhood as a kind of tourist. I have really only driven,in traffic on King St and always to and from the airport or the hospital. Going as you did looked the best! Thank you so much for linking up for Life This Week. Next week, the optional prompt is "whatever you choose" because I am focussing on Head and Neck Cancer: 29/51 Your Choice. Mine is: World Head & Neck Cancer Day. 20.7.2020. Hope to see you there. Take care, Denyse.


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