Jul 6, 2020

Life This Week 6/7/2020: Taking Stock.

Hello all,

I've just discovered crochet.  It's also so, so close to my annual leave I can taste it.  Which all is by way of putting context to my responses to 'Taking Stock' this month.

Let's get to it!!

Making : room on the top shelf of the fridge.  Goodbye, unopened jar of caramelized onion that expired in 2018!!

Cooking : Japanese Beef Curry in the slow cooker.  It's one of my favourite make-ahead meals.  It works for lunch or dinner.  It's filling.  It's one pot.  The list of its virtues is endless.

Drinking : wait for it... a mug of tea.

Reading: a new crime series.  It's the dark and cynical portrayal of romantic relationships that reeled me in. The mysteries themselves explore dark at times sordid motives.  None of this has been able to stop myself from getting deeper into Tyrone Swift's corner of present day London.
The Complete Tyrone Swift Mysteries (Tyrone Swift) by Gretta Mulrooney

Trawling: my sock drawer for the ski socks I thought I bought from last year's Aldi ski event.  I've come up trumps and found them in pristine condition.

Wanting: my freedom to travel back.  It's a trivial and very first world problem to miss something that was a privilege in the first place I miss how easy it was to plan a trip, book my tickets, pack, get to the airport, fly a lot, land, unpack, rediscover myself and then do it all again in reverse. 

I miss the anticipation at checking in for my departing flight.  I miss the flights themselves.  I miss the excitement of my destination either a city waiting to be explored or the warmth and love of my family and friends.  

Looking: at this pineapple tea cozy that belongs to someone at work and wondering if I have the crochet skills to recreate it at home...

Deciding: that cauliflower rice and I will never get along.  Ever.  It might look like rice straight out of the freezer but that smell as it cooks. I just can't.

Wishing: it was easier to get out of bed in the morning now that it's winter.

Enjoying: that we do have distinct seasons in Sydney.  Seasonal food and wardrobe, that our lifestyles change with the weather too.

Waiting: for summer all the same.

Liking: the efficiency of my scanner and printer at home.  They both work seamlessly with my ageing laptop.  A blessing that I am truly grateful for.

Wondering: what I might get up to during my week of leave coming up next week.

Loving: the thoughtfulness of my Australia Post delivery guy. 

My rainy day parcel deliveries get wrapped in plastic bags before being pitched over the front gate.

Pondering: why I always seem to be in such a rush all the time.

Listening: or rather trying to listen.  Properly.  Stopping and engaging kind of properly.

Considering: how the current restrictions on my life imposed because of the virus have actually liberated me in areas of my life that I definitely needed to work on pre-Covid.  World. Myseterious.  Ways.

Buying: yarn.

Watching: beginner crochet videos.

Hoping: crocket blankets as home decor aren't a major fire hazard....

Marvelling: at the mysterious way the world works.  I never got to return the kindness someone in my life showed me a few years back but the chance to do so just came out of the blue this year. There's a sense of a circle being closed in my heart now and it's a very special feeling indeed.

Cringing: at the stories emerging in the news about life in the quarantine hotels in Melbourne....

Needing: to know that that surely so many lives (security personnel and quarantined citizens) couldn't have been put at such high risk in Australia but, sadly, also knowing that I probably won't ever get that reassurance.

Questioning: my purchase of this wireless automatic hair curler.  I didn't think it through.  At all.  I have far too much hair to fit into a curling chamber the diameter of a 20 cent coin and my hair is also too short for the curler to get good purchase on my locks.  Lesson learned.

my favourite hand cream on my hands.  Update - this winter's dry cracks / fissures have finally healed and I don't need to bind my fingers in surgical tape anymore!!!!!  Happy days!!!!

Wearing: scrubs and I don't think I'll ever go back to normal work clothes ever again.  Happy news for my credit card, I think.

Noticing: that it's July so we're entitled to embrace Christmas in July at work.  The decorations are already up, in fact!

Knowing: that time is going to fly by even faster now that it's July.

Thinking: that for once I'm completely fine with the second half of a year flying by.  2020, you have not been great.

Admiring: my handiwork with two hair elastics, some hair clips and a brush. 
Work hair done while my ancient desktop starts up for the day.

Getting: ready for some annual leave.  Forget my handover email, I've drafted my 'out of office' email first.

Bookmarking: beginner crochet videos on YouTube.

Opening: my bag of snow gear from years gone by.  These tiny snow boots aren't going to cut it this year! 

Closing: browser windows for Kathmandu, Macpac and Anaconda.  I DO NOT need to 'have a look' at anything until after I've inspected the snow gear we already have. Reader, you are correct.  Of course those browser windows promptly got reopened...

Feeling: better about my purchases for the snow knowing that I placed orders (after reopening the above browser windows) only after it was clear what we needed for our trip.

Hearing: the chatter and sounds of work beyond my office door.  It's a  testament to the people I work with that they can sound so happy and calm despite the busyness.

Celebrating: the return of our face to face weekly team meeting with ...  hygienically sealed mini packs of snacks for morning tea.  They will do until our usual home baking, cheese platters and cut fruit trays can return.

that I'm not that excited to have found a plentiful supply of antibacterial surface wipes at the shops this morning.  These days, seeing full shelves of toilet paper and cleaning supplies is my barometer of how kind we are being to each other.

Embracing: life as it is now.  It's not so greatness but also it's very human, almost miraculous moments.


  1. Love your last line. I too miss travel. I'm not even sure I understand how the interstate travel works so for now we are staying put - which seems a great waste of school holidays...but also given I'm still waiting on refunds, probably wise...what can you do???

  2. Snap on the wanting 2020 to be done already SSG! I hear you loud and clear. I love reading the responses to these prompts and you made me smile this morning, so thanks :) #lifethisweek

  3. Loving your crocheting - I can't remember when I last picked up a crochet hook - or if I still have one! You have to give that pineapple tea cozy a go...

  4. Hi SSG - sorry that you're missing travel - I'm not a lover of airports or long distance flying, so I haven't missed it at all (and now I'm not working, expensive trips are sidelined for the moment any way!) I totally get you on the hair curler thing, my favourite styler died a while ago and the one I bought to replace it isn't living up to expectations at all and they don't make my old one anymore - another first world problem.

  5. We have really embraced Christmas in July at home and like you, although I miss overseas travel and the freedom and wonder it allows, I have to admit there are certain things about isolife that I loved and will continue to enjoy post Covid (that's optimistically hoping for a post-Covid!) You are so clever being able to crochet, if I could teach myself, I could make Teddy Roosevelt a whole new wardrobe!

  6. I really tried to learn to crochet about two years ago. I just couldn't get over the initial learning hump it seems. Maybe one day! Though I'd probably make way more scarves than I could ever use in a Brisbane winter :)

  7. I'm so impressed at anyone who can crochet/knit. I tried for a whole year when I was at school and just could not - my grandma had to finish my final project. That's great about F2F team meetings - I miss my team in person :( Yay for upcoming AL! I'm with you about wanting warmer weather though again, when it is sunny during the day, it's quite nice! Hope you have a wonderful July and a wonderful break!

  8. I have been thinking of you and your always regular OS travel by this time of year...sad. I cannot crochet. I tried I went to a lesson & they did not understand my 'handedness'...I am ambidextrous for somethings and for the life of me I couldn't work out which hand held the yarn. Good to know face to face meetings are back. And snacks. I never had meetings without treats! Thank you for sharing your post for the link up #lifethisweek Next Week, the optional prompt is #selfcare. Come on over and join in with a post old or new. Warm wishes, Denyse.


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