Jul 16, 2020

Lovin' Life 16/7/2020: The Annual Leave Edition.

Hello from the land of annual leave.

I've said bye for now to this view of Rozelle Bay and Jubilee Park that I usually gaze at whilst stuck in the traffic heading home through the tunnel.

And hello to decadent weekday sleep-ins and runs along the beach that end with a mid-morning takeaway coffee.

Bedtimes have been fluid this week, maximum daily screen time is a number I choose not to recall or enforce this week and new board games have been broken in.

I've whiled away hours on the couch lost in the world of Tyrone Swift, the troubled hero of a Gretta Mulrooney's crime series.  I've also been crocheting.  It's been market bags this week.  Only they're not market bags in our house but rather plushie carriers...

Something that's almost as good as heading off solo on an international flight for work is heading off solo to the shops with a coffee.  Spotlight has that special place in my heart that others may reserve for Bunnings.

I don't see myself running out of tapestry needles anytime soon.

This week has been surprisingly productive too.  The play area has been decluttered and the resulting space has been put to good use.  Kmart came to the party with this $10 desk lamp and $3 mug.  The mug is a repeat purchase.  They are hardy, make a massive mug of tea and the handle is Goldilocks level just right for my grip.

We're off to the snow tomorrow.  Better get packing.


  1. Enjoy your time off, SSG. Look forward to hearing about your trip to snow land. #lovin'lifelinky

  2. I recently finished the Cormac Reilly books by Dervla McTiernan and an Amazon recommendation was the Tyrone Swift series.
    They were on special for 99 cents for the whole set so I downloaded them to my Kindle and am halfway through the first one, enjoying it so far 😊

  3. No SSG. Going to the shops for coffee is not the same as going on an international flight. Sob. I'm missing travel SO MUCH!! We can't even go to Bateman's Bay to escape the ACT frost right now because of the Covid breakout down there. This winter-during-a-global-pandemic thing has me singing the blues. Sigh ...
    I do like your plushie carriers though!


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