Jul 30, 2020

Lovin' Life 30/7/2020: An Old Favourite.

My bottle of a much loved but ridiculously expensive perfume has been sitting untouched since the spring of last year.

Let's call it Frivolous Fragrance #1.

It's a heady fragrance.  At its heart are notes of Turkish rose and from there it travels to notes of cinnamon, incense and sandalwood.  I feel dressed whenever I wear it.  Some might politely suggest its a fragrance to wear for nights out but to me, it was the perfect everyday fragrance.  Not quite worn with the 'places I'd rather be' intention but more as a nod to the fact that even in the midst of the everyday, the unexpected sometimes graces us with its presence.

But somewhere along the way, this minimalist bottle of possibilities found its way to the back of my perfume shelf.  The weather got warmer, the world got crazier and as I adapted to the new normal, I reached for my other favourite, ridiculously expensive perfume more often (and eventually ever morning).  Let's call it Frivolous Fragrance #2.  Also rose-based.  Only working the quirky elegance angle where FF #1 is all about quirky opulence.  I can always hope that the fragrance dictates the overall appearance...  Work in progress.


FF #2 ran out this week so I threw caution to the wind and reached for FF#1.

It was almost as if most of 2020 had never happened.  The world smelled as it should and by extension, it began to feel and look the way it should as well.

I've decided not to 'save' this perfume for when things 'get back to normal'.  Instead, I'll be wearing it to work every day.  

Except on the days I might choose to wear FF#2 again.  Because I also love it so much that I'm planning to treat myself to a new bottle for my next birthday.

Do you have a favourite perfume, or two?  Do you wear them all the time or do you 'save' them?

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