Aug 1, 2020

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: July 2020.

It was basically about focusing on the small wins at the exclusion of the not so great stuff this month.  Wherever and whenever they could be found.  

Enforced downtime in the queue at the supermarket, a long weekend in the snow (okay so not technically a 'small' win), days at the park.  They made the challenges of July less daunting and also placed them in perspective.  

  1. A pineapple tea cosy for the first day of the month!
  2. Park life. 
    Blessed with absolutely perfect weather for it today as well. 
  3. Deeply grateful for the miracles that God bestows.  Today and always.
  4. All is right with the world again, our local supermarket had full shelves of toilet paper and antibacterial wipes.  Supplies of these staples are a kind of barometer of our anxiety relating to the virus.
  5. A beautiful night for gazing up at the heavens. 
    The moon, Jupiter and Saturn were aligned and for that moment - the troubles on Earth seemed so insignificant.
  6. Monday funday. 
    Our new family board game arrived in the mail.  Looks like it’s going to be an absorbing one to play too. 
  7. My guilty pleasure. Spotting local celebrities as I go running along the bay in the morning. 
  8. It’s Friday Eve!!!!
  9. Social distancing.... have you noticed how some people in Sydney make you felt silly for trying to comply?
  10. BillClinternet. Dropitlikeitshotspot. The highlights of a radio segment I heard today about the best names people have given their WiFi. 
  11. I finally did it.  The ancient TV we don’t use because of a little thing called the internet has left the building and is out for next week’s council bulk rubbish collection.
  12. Perfect timing. 
    Hit the park to make the most of the winter sunshine this morning before the rain set in.
  13. Mission accomplished!  With bonus, cheeky weekday, daytime drinks.
    I drove to Another Westfield, found the stores I was looking for, got my stuff, found my car again and drove all the way home.  The end.  And hopefully, never again.  I find new to me shopping centres overwhelming these days.  I seem to waste so much time trying to navigate them.
  14. That moment when a massive branch fell across your driveway and not across the boot of your car ....
  15. "The same boiling water that softens potatoes, hardens an egg".. words of wisdom from today’s running podcast. 
  16. Getting excited. We’re off on a long weekend escape tomorrow. 
  17. Road tripping! 
    Feeling the stress of covid Sydney fade with each kilometre. 
  18. Jindabyne restores the mind and body. 
  19. Canberra inspires the soul. 
  20. Home with my mind, body and soul recharged. 
  21. Problems shared are problems halved.  Words to live by. 
  22. I was meant to read Danny Abdallah’s words today, “I don’t want anger, bitterness and revenge in my household.” Revenge and its toxic ugliness have no place in the Abdullah household. Despite the grief of losing three of their children and a niece in a senseless car accident caused by a drug impaired driver.
  23. What are the chances?!?! 
    A very important set of keys I thought I’d lost forever suddenly appeared in the backyard this morning. It’s a sign. Of good luck ahead. 
  24. And we’re officially wearing masks all day at work as of today. 
    I hope these mask adapters I’m crocheting will help save the skin behind my ears from the elastic of my mask.
  25. Soccer mum life. 
    Not that bad at all…
  26. Celebrating a trio of special birthdays with a confetti cake. 
    There was more than enough colour and laughter to make up for the rain outside.
  27. Mondays are always easier after a restful but fun weekend. Thank you for making us slow down over the weekend, COVID. 
  28. When you're this much of a regular at the Asian grocer. 
    This bottle of hand sanitizer was my gift with purchase today!
  29. Feeling good after yesterday's socially distanced swim.
  30. Yup.  They were dishwasher tablets that I used for my latest load of laundry.  The uniforms aren't sparkling but at least I didn't kill the laundry machine! 
    Take two with these capsules that are definitely for the laundry.
  31. Ahh.  The sun will always rise and often it will rise to light up a beautiful day.  Of nothing else, this month, at least we have had sunny days to enjoy.

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