Aug 24, 2020

Life This Week 24/08/2020: 5,4,3,2,1....

'5,4,3,2,1...' is a mindfulness technique that's used quite often in the audio-guided runs I do with Rochelle Baxter.  The premise is to focus on 5 things you can see then 4 you can touch then 3 that you can hear followed by 2 that you can smell and finally 1 that you can taste.  I've adapted the technique a little for the purposes of this post and made it a 5,4,3,2,1 of the week just gone.

5 things I can see:

  1. Properly through my glasses.  Who knew that makeup brush cleaner could double up so effectively as lense cleaner?
  2. The planets Jupiter and Saturn.  Via the telescope at Mt Stromlo Observatory via their Public Astronomy Night via Facebook on Friday night.
  3. Meerkat garden gnomes at Woolies.  This close to putting one in my trolley....
  4. The roster for school holiday care.  Already?!?!?
  5. An empty laundry basket.  All the feels for this one.

4 things I can touch:

  1. My mug of tea ahead of another hectic day at work.
  2. The legs of my jeans.  That's right, jeans.  Not track pants or running tights but actual nearly pants.  On a work day too.
  3. Freshly ironed school uniforms hung up for the week ahead.  I'm not letting this on top of my laundry theme quite yet, readers. 
  4. My ugg boots as I sit and type while it blows a gale outside.

3 things I can hear:

  1. The tick of my wall clock in the kitchen.  Such a restful sound on a Saturday afternoon when you've got the rest of the weekend ahead of you.  Not so restful on Monday morning around 7am.
  2. The kettle. 
  3. A dull pop as I open the ring pull of my can of lunchtime tuna.  For some strange reason, the ring pull is on the underside of the can.

2 things I can smell:

  1. The spag bol from a packet I just made into a pasta bake for dinner tonight.  Dare I say it, this packet mix scrubs up nicely.  The sauce has a thickness to it that works well in a pasta bake.
  2. A hint of my spendy almond shower oil on my skin.  Spendy bath and body is the way to go when you spend your days in scrubs or activewear.
1 thing I can taste:

Drum roll, please....

  1. My TimTam from a recent Adore order.  Ending on a high note, I'd say.

Over to you.  What's the highlight of the 5,4,3,2,1... of your week been?

Be well.


  1. The shark gnome is soooo kooky...I can see why you had to fight the urge...

  2. Excellent idea...and those meerkat garden gnomes...too cute for words. And why is the ringpull on the base of the can?

  3. I have a good collection of books from the library - now I need to set aside time to actually read them!

  4. I've never seen that Spag Bol packet before! Gotta love the Tim Tam with the Adore Beauty order :)

  5. Haha I love how you've adapted this grounding technique to your week. It's one I always tell my anxious or dysregulated clients in particular to use. So simple, yet effective! Hope you have a great week ahead SSG!

  6. Five things I have seen this past week: rain, snow, sunshine, daffodils flowering, my granddaughter
    Four things I can touch: my book I'm enjoying reading, my endless cups of tea, my many beanies, my computer keyboard to stay in touch with everyone
    Three things I can hear:audio feedback on my writing assignment, my husband mowing the lawn, the sounds of silence around me
    Two things I can smell: raisin toast cooking, my orange scented diffuser sticks
    One thing I can taste: roasted sweet potato
    Thanks SSG this was a fun exercise which made me stop and think! #lifethisweek

  7. Hi SSG love the Meerkats and thanks for the tip of using the makeup brush cleaner for my specs, they get so dirty! Have a great week. #lifethisweek

  8. I use this 5,4,3,2,1 as a stress/anxiety help ...when I remember. Who knew you could get Spag Bol base like that..not me! That's great.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek and next week the optional prompt is 35/51 Share Your Snaps #7 31.8.2020 and I hope to see you there too. Denyse.

  9. Ummmm, I will take 15 meerkat gnomes, please! How cute are they in their costumes. Haha. I need to get to the shops more to see these wonders of the outside world. ;)


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