Aug 31, 2020

Life This Week 31/8/2020: Share Your Snaps

Highlights of the week just gone...

Walking under this shady canopy at the park on Saturday morning.

The sun's rising that much earlier these days.  It's lovely having the sky wake up with you.

No work lunch of leftovers, eaten el desko is complete without a mini bottle of ketchup close by.  In lieu of bacon, a bit of Heinz makes everything taste better.

Master SSG's first poster presentation ready for its journey to school in its own mailing tube.  If you're going to spend $5 for the cardboard to make the poster, go all out and make sure it gets to school safely!

There's this particular stairwell at work that always smells of delicious home-cooking. No matter what time of the day, aromas so flavoursome they fill you up just by their wafting up your nostrils there's always something good being reheated between levels 6 - 11 at work.  It's yet another reason it makes sense to take the stairs as often as I can at work.  Beyond the social distancing benefit and the cardio - this little olfactory boost is something I look forward to each day at work.

I hope this last week of winter has been kind to you too.

Be well. 


  1. $5 for a piece of cardboard! When did school projects get so exxy?! That stairwell is beneficial in so many ways, you need to make friends with the owner of the aromatic lunches!

  2. How great is the sunnier weather and extra daylight! I cannot wait for warmth and daylight savings to begin. Here in VIC, I hope we're 'free' by then!

  3. That tree canopy looks delightful SSG and thanks for olfactory boost! #lifethisweek

  4. How lovely is it to have the sun rise just that little bit earlier and set a bit later? The canopy of trees looks absolutely wonderful

  5. The park looks lovely. Sydney really is at its best at that tail end of winter, first weeks of Spring. I laughed at the stairwell with the yummy smells...extra reason to march up and down it.

  6. I hope you keep that cylinder...and buying cardboard..from the newsagents is so exxy. However, we have all been there with school projects!!

    Thank you for linking up this week for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is 36/51 Taking Stock #4 7.9.2020 and I hope to see you there too. Take care, stay safe and well. Denyse.

  7. Love the pics. It's time to get out in the lovely spring air.


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