Aug 27, 2020

Lovin' Life 27/08/2020: Meal Prepped Work Lunches.

Here's to the unsung hero of my working week.

The meal prepped lunch.

I make my lunches for the working week on Sunday.  Whatever I make covers most days of the week with the remaining days featuring leftovers from dinner or a lucky dip from the freezer.

It is a bit of a process on Sunday morning but the time spent peeling, chopping, grating and cooking has its own rhythm and starts the day on a productive note (which then justifies my downing tools for anything housework related by noon).

It's a welcome sight, seeing the fridge full and ready for the week ahead in the midst of the chaos of Monday morning.  That feeling of preparedness usually manages to stay with me throughout the week, mostly unwavering.  

And then there's that feeling when you've made it to lunch.  It's not always ever a time like 12 noon but rather when the day's work presents a time sometime in the afternoon when it's okay to step away and fish your meal out of the staff fridge and find the microwave with the shortest queue of containers waiting for it.  Whilst waiting for the container before yours to do its time you might choose to walk over to the bathroom or make the hot drink and wash the fruit that will accompany your meal.  It's a bit of a process but it feels good to be pottering around with nothing more on your mind than getting fed and watered.

Finally, you're good to go for your lunch 'aldesko' and the rest of the day that unfolds afterwards officially feels doable.

Do you have a routine for lunch when you're at work? If you're working from home - have you modified that routine somewhat?


  1. I work fulltime from home & have a routine that I don't stray from &, believe it or not, tend still to package up my lunch as if I was going to the office. It's about the process and the ritual in the routine.

  2. You're so organized, SSG! I'm at home most of the time these days so I make lunch around mid-day with what I have in the fridge. #lovin'lifelinky

  3. Good for you!! I need to be more organised...I'm floundering a bit at the moment. Very easily distracted from tasks...


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