Aug 6, 2020

Lovin' Life 6/8/2020: Sunny Days and Sunny Colours.

If you believe it hard enough, it will happen, right?

Life's not exactly great right now for so many of us but somehow, the sun and the warmth it has brought have made me feel that things will get back to normal.  I don't know when and I don't know how but when I look out at our city bathed in this radiant sunshine, I can't help but feel hopeful.

Our new favourite thing to do right now is to spend a little time with the ducks and swans at the pond near where soccer practice takes place each Saturday.

An old favourite thing to do is to spend a sunny afternoon with dear friends unwinding and celebrating.

Can you believe they are EIGHT this year?

I was very excited this week to be able to get the laundry to dry on the line in the sun for the first time in a long while.  Nothing beats that scent and feel of sun-dried fabric.

Unrelated to the sun but interesting (to me) nonetheless - face masks and that takeaway coffee you absolutely have to have in order to survive doing the groceries.  I don't think I fully thought it through this week....  What ended up happening was that the mask came off every second aisle at the shops to allow me to take a few sips of my much-needed coffee.

My travels to the supermarket took me to the post office where I picked up the buttons I needed to finish my first batch of face mask extenders.  For me, they seem to work best with the 'surgical mask' style where none of the mask is designed to fit under your chin.  Also, the simple, stretchy extender I made with the purple buttons seems to fit my face better.  I'm sending both to my mum and aunty for feedback.

Is it sunny where you are?  Has it helped you deal with it all?


  1. I agree with you - beautiful sunshine and nature gives me hope that there will be better days ahead too! I'm intrigued by your face mask extenders. I've never heard of them ... but loving the look of them especially those cool buttons!! Take care SSG. xoxo

  2. The sunshine def helps me. I really sunk in my mood for about an hour today - no reason, just covid blues, but I came home and hardcore danced to the Timmy Trumpet set (again) and 15 mins was all it took and I feel a million bucks again! I also love the sun on the dog walks and hanging the washing out. Such a small thing but radiates hope and happiness into your being...

  3. Negronis always make things feel as though they could get back to normal and Sydney winter sunshine always has the faintest of touches of spring.

  4. I need a tutorial on your mask apparatus?! How does it work?
    Some sunlight in Melbourne which has been lovely amongst the grey cold days we’ve been having.

  5. "If you believe it hard enough, it will happen, right?" I strongly believe that. I have a cup with "Believe" on it to remind me that anything is possible if you believe it to be possible. Gotta keep believing.
    No way.


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