Sep 1, 2020

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: August 2020.

The last month of winter, another year older, a hint of that glorious spring-summer weather I live for.

  1. Days like this… sun, wonderful friends. 

    They make all those cares go away.
  2. Did my bit and wore that face mask to Woolies.

  3. Pressing ‘SEND’ and hoping for the best.
  4. Nothing like a new Taylor Swift album to get those introspective thoughts flowing.
  5. “We don’t have to, we get to.”
  6. Getting an education on what overhead mobile phone detecting cameras might look like in NSW and their known locations. No reason. But I should know better.
  7. ‘Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love’ - Mother Teresa.  A quote shared on social media today by friend whose posts always make me think, strive, smile or appreciate.
  8. No Saturday soccer, no worries. 

    We still had our standing date with the ducks and swans at the pond in the park to enjoy.
  9. Grrr.  Absence does not make the heart grow fonder when it comes to Westfields. 

    That being said, all the sales staff I dealt with were absolutely lovely in trying times.
  10. When your yoga practice last night featured ‘superhero’ style poses, you commence the week feeling fearless and strong. Namaste. 
  11. Ick.

    I still have bad taste bud flashbacks from the fake tuna I tried to eat for lunch on Sunday. 
  12. And now we are 45. 

    Confronting.  But I’m going to own it. 
  13. The last cinnamon donut muffin on the tray is mine, oh mine!’

  14. Phew. The pace of my current book in a Kindle crime series bundle is finally starting to pick up. 
  15. Days like this are the light along this seemingly endless pandemic tunnel. 
  16. A school friend and I just reconnected on Facebook over our favourite crochet patterns.

    The circle of life.
  17. So much drama.  In hindsight, that voice of mine should have been way milder.  Way.  Way.  Milder.
  18. Onwards and upwards. 

    A swim, a run and an early dinner.
  19. The Bellas are back with a new cover of Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’. Dying. 
  20. So looking forward to Friday tomorrow. In the meantime, how good was the sun?
  21. Virtual astronomy with the team at Mt Stromlo’s Observatory.

    The moons of Jupiter, my crochet and I.
  22. Can’t get enough of this season’s giant blueberries.

  23. Another laid back, getting ready for a busy week ahead kind of Sunday. 

    These Sundays are an unexpected gift from Covid that I’m enjoying more and more as this whole thing drags on.
  24. The kind of news that makes you hug your loved ones extra tight as you bite your tongue and swallow that nag you were about to emit…
  25. Even better than the original chocolate bar. 

    You have my word.
  26. Another year, another Woolies collectable release.

    Powerless to resist.
  27. Never a dull moment at work.  Grateful to be working with such wonderful teams and to be able to learn something new each day.
  28. What a beautiful Friday.  It bodes well for the weekend, I can feel it in my (slightly weary) bones.  
  29. Finding my happy place walking in the park.
  30. Can’t wait…. UNIQLO

  31. And we have made it to the last day of winter for a rather unusual year where we've actually been living in a kind of winter hibernation mode for the better part of the year since the summer.  Here's hoping we can come out of hibernation and isolation soon.

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  1. My hot tip for Audible is Remains of the Day read by Dominic West. Just loved it!! Your August looks pretty fab! (Not sure where the Audible post went??)


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