Sep 21, 2020

Life This Week 21/9/2020: Grateful For This.....

This week, I'm grateful for the burst of fabulous spring weather.  The timing has been perfect, I think.  It's been a long year and we all need a hug.  In these times of social distancing, however, hugs are mostly out of the question.  Which is why I think Sydney has been sent all this glorious sun.  It's touched us all this week.  Whoever we are, wherever we are and whatever we may be doing - I'm sure this sun has shone upon us all and turned those frowns upside down.

Here are my moments in (and kind of in) the sun....

At the lights before that first left turn towards work after school drop off.  A naval vessel dwarfing the private vessels in the foreground.  Pine trees, shingled rooves and  view of the harbour.  It makes me feel as if I'm in a seaside village somewhere.  The reality?  Peak hour traffic awaits me on the other side of that turn.

A retrieval flight landing on the helipad at work.  I always forget just how loud helicopters are and how they do in fact land on top of buildings.  I'm watching from a few floors down, behind reinforced glass yet I feel as I'm on the helipad such is the noise and the reverberation from the engine.

I got cabin fever on Monday so I took a walk down the street, got some groceries and then a coffee.  In my clogs instead of my street shoes.  No one batted an eyelid along a sidewalk full of people even more uniquely attired than I.

It was an exciting day behind the wheel on Thursday.  

I got random breath and drug tested.  I managed to look so nervous the police officer had to tell me to relax.  Later on, well away from the testing lane, my car windows got expertly cleaned at the lights.  And then I nearly got to work but had to pause and swerve a little to give a large dog some room in the middle of the street.  He was having a moment and despite his owner's best attempts, he was determined to have his full moment right where he was, thank you very much.

There's a particular garden I walk past each morning near school and it's looking especially splendid at the moment.

A jaunty scarf and a Breton striped top.  I'm so looking forward to the bright colours, new shapes and airy styles of spring and summer.

What are you particularly grateful for right now?


  1. That scarf is just bursting with delight! How gorgeous!

  2. How gorgeous is the weather! And the added daylight. I'm super grateful for both of those! It's so uplifting for the mood

  3. I agree the spring sunshine is like a balm to the soul given the year we've been having SSG. I love the jaunty scarf and Breton striped top - bring on the bright colours and more sunshine :) #lifethisweek

  4. Spring is a beautiful season. I enjoyed reading your moments in the sun. I had to swerve on my cycling trail this week to give a group of Canada geese some room to cross the trail and fly to the lake. #lifethisweek

  5. I'm loving the warmth in the air, the not having to wear a jacket at 5.30am, the flowers on my herbs & all the bees buzzing around them.

  6. I'm loving that Spring is popping its head up here and there SSG. We've had some beautiful blue skied days here in WA too and the temps are just that little bit warmer. I'm not taking it for granted though because the rainy days re-appear regularly and I don't think Winter has quite finished with us yet.

  7. Love your colourful attire! And those gardens...nature sure is good in Spring. When I was in Lifehouse, my room on 9th floor overlooked RPA where the helicopter landed and boy, so much noise but it made me think about the person who was being transported. We live on the border of Wyong Hospital and often hear helicopters overhead and I wonder "who, why, what" but always grateful for the service. Thanks for linking up this week, next week, the optional prompt is 39/51 Healthy. 28.9.2020 Hope to see you there too. Denyse.


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