Sep 7, 2020

LIfe This Week 7/9/2020: Taking Stock

Making: the best of yet another sick day from work.  Lots of reading, a bit of housework.  Fingers crossed we'll all be disease free for the rest of the year.

Cooking: Swedish meatballs and cauli/broccoli mash!  Another Recipe Tin Eats recipe that's a complete winner.

Drinking: diet San Pellegrino.  It's not for me as is.  I need the full-sugar hit of fruit juice mixed in.  Or I could just cut to the chase and go back to blood orange San Pellegrino.

These Little Lies (D.I. Siv Drummond #1) by Gretta Mulrooney

Reading: the first book of a new to me Gretta Mulrooney crime series.  I've finished the Tyrone Swift series, felt a bit disappointed by the final direction Tyrone's love life took and am now sort of over it.  DI Siv Drummond is the heroine of this series, she's also recently lost beloved other half in a tragic accident.  Will her personal life be less tortured than Tyrone's?  Only time will tell.  The crime's just as meticulously plotted in any case.

Trawling: through my collection of seemingly identical pairs of black Lululemon tights in order to select the pair to wear today....

Wanting: every day to look like and feel like this.  The sun gently filtered through the trees above, a gently winding path on which to walk.  Life still is good despite this virus.

Looking: for a favourite sweater I wear every year when the weather gets like this.  Warm during the day, bookended by a slight chill in the morning and in the evening.  

Deciding: that the lost sweater is a sign from above.  I need to declutter my wardrobe again.  And not buy a replacement sweater.

Wishing: that all the things that might require a visit by an electrician would just happen already.  I've got two light switches that need replacing but I just know that the moment I get them fixed, something else is going to come up.

Enjoying: another sunny parklife Saturday.  Here I am at the cafe campervan we visit each week.

Waiting: for lunch to reheat in the microwave.

Pin on Boynton

Liking: barre!!!  I've been doing audio guided classes at home over the last few months and I've reached the point where I can keep up with my instructor.  Not gracefully but it's a start.  I almost feel like a dancer!!  And a liberating feeling it is indeed.

Wondering: if my reheated lunch is cool enough to eat yet.  I'll hust go and check.

Loving: precut pineapple from the grocer down the road from work.  If I imagine really, really, really hard it could be pineapple on a plane or as part of a buffet in a hotel or airport lounge.  

Pondering: the logistics of next weekend.  I'll be working right through it.  How to fit my non work life in as well?  

Listening: to the gentle breeze outside.  The sun is shining.  For a moment there, I managed to forget that we're still in pandemic mode here in Sydney.

Considering: the reality of this Christmas. The WA border is likely to remain shut to the rest of Australia.  It will be close to a year since I've last been able to see mum and dad. Being grateful for all the Christmases we have had together isn't quite cutting it.

Buying: a new notebook for the kitchen table.  The kitchen table notebook is the backbone of our household.  Everything that needs to get done or bought gets written in it.  When I remember...

Watching: Master SSG's soccer class go from stregth to strength each week.  They're working as a team now and there have been massive leaps in their ball skils.  And they're having so much fun and making new friends of each other.

Hoping: I'll remember the potatoes when we head to the shops this afternoon.  I've written it down in the list on the list in the notebook I mentioned above so I reckon it's a done deal.

Marvelling: at how effective my diamond grade heel pediPro callus file is.  One to store in the memory banks for later.

Cringing: as I accidentally touched the egg I gave myself when trying to re-insert bits of the 'hatch' bit of the car boot after I took the bike and scooter out.  You know the bits I'm talking about.  Deceptively lightweight but pack a punch when you accidentally whack yourself in the face with one...

Needing: a break.  Is there anyone who doesn't right now?  These are crazy and unrelenting times.

Questioning: and fuming.  Why would anyone run the (loud) motor of their car overnight?  Right in front of my bedroom window.  On a school night.  Why!?!?!?!?!?!?  

Smelling: dinner simmering away.  Thank goodness for my slow cooker.

Wearing: activewear!!!!  Duh.

Noticing: the shadows and light of the new season.

Knowing: that leftover Domino's isn't any healthier than buttered white toast as a side to go with my soup at work and being okay with that.

Thinking: that the teachers at school have a pretty good idea of what's keeping the parents going this term.  Caffeine and leafy greens!

Admiring: the clean floorboards.  I'm deriving a disproportionate sense of achievement from getting the housework done this week.

Getting: excited at the prospect of an evening in reading and pottering.

Bookmarking: places that might still have vacanies for a party of several families keen to glamp in the October school holidays.

Opening: the back door as we head out (again) to soak up some of this glorious Saturday sun.

Closing: my laptop periodically becuase I think it helps my disappearing cursor reappear.

Feeling: confident that I can deal with the closing laptop situation for a while longer.  I'm not upgrading this laptop until the screen stops working or MacBooks get touch screens.  I wonder how long this will be?

Hearing: crickets.  That touch screens on MacBooks thing will remain in the realm of pure fantasy for quite a few years yet, I reckon.

Celebrating: my Thursday disposable face mask survicing the front loader washing machine and then the tumble dryer with being slightly crumpled being its only visible battle scar.

Pretending: that it was always by intention to test out the durablity of disposable face masks rather than admitting that  simply forgot to pratice what I preach about checking pockets before popping things into the laundry hamper.

Embracing: that I manage to find stuffies in the most unlikely places. 

Say hello to Ghiselda!  She hisses if you press her head.  She also looks alarmingly real when you stumble upon her in a wardrobe.


  1. Get material masks then it doesn't matter if they go in the wash! As for the border, WA didn't say they wouldn't open, they just said they wouldn't commit to openning by a set date. They would follow medical advice and when it was safe (Imagine putting your citizen's best interests first...that's very novel for a politician in this country apparently). WA is a very safe and stable place to be at the moment. As long as the rest of the country doesn't open up too soon due to dimwit reckless pressure, then it will be fine and you'll be all together. But they are safe for now and that's worth a lot.

    1. Good points, Lydia. It's just tough being so far from family for so long. Heart and mind still a bit disconnected over here in Sydney. But I am relieved that everyone in WA is safe the way things are.

      SSG xxx

  2. Our news reporting leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. Very propaganda based

  3. Ghiselda does look alarmingly real! Christmas is a thing we're pondering now too. I haven't been to Sydney all year and if it wasn't for the fact that Mum and Dad came to Canberra for my mother-in-law's funeral in March I wouldn't have seen them either. I still can't believe that the week after the funeral the borders shut. We're very lucky up here, but even so.

    1. Take care, Jo. Glad you got to see your Mum and Dad this year. On the bright side Canberra is like Perth in the sense of cases being low.

      SSG xxx

  4. Another great taking stock post SSG, I get your responses!!Christmas is looking a bit dodgy at the moment!! #lifethisweek

    1. I think we will all make do this year, Deb. It will be an interesting festive season. Hoping that I will focus on what really matters and keeping the season simple.

      SSG xxx

  5. My goodness that snake does look real. Your. Active wear photo made me chuckle. I’ve lived in it since going into isolation in March. Dreading having to squeeze back into jeans.

    1. Nope, I'm going straight into floaty summer dresses this year. The jeans can wait until next autumn for me!

      SSG xxx

  6. Sorry to read about WA being closed. It must be hard not physically seeing your parents. I hope things change between now and when the holiday season starts. How are things going with COVID?

    1. Ongoing busyness for me, Tracie. Very grateful that not much has changed in my life outside work. There have been so many financial and social repercussions for many in Australia. Even with our relatively small numbers of cases, it's been a huge adjustment for us all.

      Be well

      SSG xxx

  7. My dear SSG, for someone with quite a few challenges to deal with in your work life re COVID and being unable to connect with family in WA, you are doing amazingly well. Feel for you. Tough times. Thank you for linking up for life this week. Next week's optional prompt is 37/51 Remembering Sydney 2000. 14.9.2020 Hope you link up Denyse.

    1. Thanks, Denyse! I hope to be there for #LTW. May not be on topic though.

      SSG xxx


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