Sep 24, 2020

Lovin' Life 24/9/2020 : The Week In Highlights.

Highlights of the week just gone...

We've made it to end of term three!  A fortnight off homework, the practice of various things, ironing and lunches beckons.

I've submitted my tax stuff to the accountant.  So I've not completed my tax return, technically, but I've done all that I need to towards its completion.  My hot tip is to place the paperwork in the main thoroughfare of your house.  Literally on it.  That way you'll trip over it and be forced to address it.

Adore Beauty.  Enough said.  The Tim Tam, the wit and the replacing of some tried and tested covid hair and beauty.

My kettle.  It provides hot water for mugs of tea and coffee, it aids in pre-heating food jars for school and ... you can melt Mi Goreng flavour sachets on its lid while you wait for the water to boil for your next cuppa.

We explored a new corner of Centennial Park with our usual, much-cherished people.  The planets aligned, as did our Saturday morning schedules and we found ourselves brunching in the company of these breathtaking wisteria at the eponymous dining room in the park,

That's not all we discovered.  The Ian Potter Wild Play Garden is a short walk from the eatery.  Nestled among the bamboo, it's a place to climb, slide and explore.

The one thing I do love about life right now are these chances to explore the parks of Sydney in areas I've had such strong connections to since I moved here from Perth.

Parks are the lungs of our cities but they also restore our hearts and minds.


  1. 2 words: Wisteria House. Be still my beating heart.

  2. I totally agree with your sentiments about parks and green spaces of any kind in our cities and suburbs. Enjoy the school holidays! xo

  3. I don't think I've been to the Ian Potter thing. Might check it out...and I love the cheery vibe of this post. I did our tax yesterday and 90 mins of Jobkeeper webinars so feel super virtuous!

  4. Looks like a good week, SSG. I agree with your last statement about parks. Enjoy Spring! #lovin'lifelinky

  5. Yes, I can see Covid has made us more creative in where we can view and play. Hope Sydney and environs treats you well in Spring hols!

  6. Oh wow; that wisteria is just beautiful!


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