Oct 1, 2020

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: September 2020.

Oh, September.  The last single digit month of the year.  The first month out of winter where the days seem longer, the sun that much brighter.  The month that brings colour to our gardens, sidewalks, and parks.

I'm glad that I've kept up this 'Sentence A Day' project on the blog because reading back always reminds me that as many (if not more) good things happened over the month than the not so good and downright bad.

  1. Felt a bit weird going to work on my usual day off.  Feeling more human for just having gone out that door and out into the world.  That was a pretty revolting head cold I just got over.
  2. And breathe… got fitted for my N95 mask at work and wouldn’t you know it?  I have a dodgy, non-standard shaped face.  You need to test for fit and air leaks hence all the breathing and movement tasks to be completed before finding The One.  Thank you, yoga!
  3. What a day.  Rewarding but gee I had to work hard to find that perspective today.
  4. I am so privileged to work with some incredibly kind people.

  5. Saturday.  What’s not to love about the first day of the weekend when it’s this sunny?
  6. To all the wonderful fathers in my world.  For being there and for stepping in, no questions asked.
  7. There goes 15 minutes of my life I won’t be getting back!!  The printer wasn’t connected to my laptop because my laptop decided to spontaneously join a random network it found…. Oh well, at least I figured it out before calling Geeks2U….
  8. Cancer sucks. More so than usual in these times where distressed families are physically separated by covid19. Feeling deeply for a dear friend and mentor today. 
  9. It was a small thing we did to ‘help’. Selfishly, it made me feel better because I felt less ‘useless’. So many inverted commas.  It is hard to  precisely articulate the feelings around grief and loss when they strike an important person in your life. 
  10. ‘Never explain, never complain..’ today’s pearl of wisdom from ‘Finding Freedom’ on Audible.  Food for thought. There’s pros and cons to this approach to life. 
  11. Following through on yesterday’s words of ‘Finding Freedom’ wisdom. Deep breaths. 
  12. So I’m at work on a Saturday. It’s also sunny and I’m here with a great team.

  13. It’s ‘from go to whoa’ NOT ‘from go to woe’....  Whoops. Another ‘today years old’ moment for me. 
  14. The view up above… a rescue helicopter approaching the helipad at work.

  15. Yes I did. Lodged my tax return things with my accountant. Will the ATO give me anything back, I wonder?

    Hope so. 
  16. A toad just crawled up from the drain in the bathtub. I’m feeling faint. 
  17. “Alone in the best possible way.” I’ve started Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ on Audible and it’s worlds away from ‘Finding Freedom’.

    In the best possible way. 
  18. An unexpected work phone call.  An unexpectedly grateful work phone call.  I think this week’s blood, sweat and tears were not in vain after all.
  19. Aniston, Pitt, McConaughey, Roberts, Freeman… this ‘Fast Times’ read through made my day.  Especially the Aniston, Pitt dynamic….

  20. Swimming lessons, the zoo, lots of rain and lots of work.  A crazy day but grateful for the fun things we managed to fit in.
  21. I had a minor car accident today.  I had this gut feeling that something trying was going to come my way.  Besides 2020 as a whole.  So in a weird way, I’m glad it was this and not something worse.  Do you ever think this way?  Or is it just me?
  22. Cancer sucks. 

    But it brings us together to research, fight and fundraise for cures.
  23. This weather is so very easy to get used to.  Dusted off a frock and some sandals today.
  24. And I have a hire car for the next couple of weeks.  It’s always nerve-wracking driving ‘someone else’s’ car.  Especially that first day. But I did it!!
  25. New hair ties and wine on a Friday evening.... what could possibly go wrong?

  26. The wind.  The hayfever.  Why oh why would the two co-exist on a SATURDAY!?!?!
  27. Good friends, good food and sunny afternoons.  Aren't Sundays guaranteed to be the best day of the week no matter how trying the preceding days were?

  28. School holiday Mondays and the living is easy.  Very thankful to weekend me for making a reheatable dinner for this evening.  It was apricot chicken in case you were wondering :-)
  29. All it takes is a shift in perspective. 

    Lots of reflecting (and steady breathing) on today's run.
  30. Doing whatever it takes to get that tax return submitted.  Fingers crossed this is it!! Somehow searching for online receipts in my email is even harder than digging out the hard copies sent by mail.

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