Oct 17, 2020

From Where I Stand.....

Annual leave seems like a lifetime ago.

One day you're on staycation being a tourist in your own city, sleeping in and swimming in a rooftop pool and the next moment....

it somehow got to be Friday morning and you're having a moment on the sidewalk outside your favourite work cafe, waiting for a long black.  

Personally, I feel that we all deserve medals just getting to work on Friday mornings.  Waking up the household, ensuring that its fed and dressed, making it through the various commutes necessary before you can even embark on that all important bill-paying one... Friday mornings are marathons.

Friday afternoons, on the other hand, are simply a gift in themselves.  You leave work feeling that the loose ends are tied, the work diary been's turned a page forward (did you know we're up to week fortysomething of the year already!?!?). The after school pick up on Friday is my favourite one of the week and I accessories accordingly with an extra special after school snack and a fleecy sweater.  Because, you know, Asian mum and we are famous for feeling those drops in the temperature.  Often well before the weather itself decides to make it so.

Fast forward to Saturday when gardens great and small become my happy place.  

I actually had more fun than I care to admit to pruning my hedges and doing a general tidy up.  I am yet to achieve the precision of the suburb's army of visiting landscape gardeners but it will do and it was therapeutic putting my hedge shears through their paces.

Saturday soccer in the park has resumed for the final term of the year.  It was a draw 1-1 for the 10am 6/7 Kickeroos.

Spring has also arrived at the park and it looks like this.

Flower beds that fit together symmetrically like a jigsaw, ponds filled with waterlilies in the background and people simply out and about getting their (socially distanced) steps, kicks, cycle and bats in.

The flowers are in bloom at home as well. Kind of.  Uniqlo make these Relaco pants and they cost $14.99 AUD.  There are two lengths - shorts and 3/4.  They have been my go-to pajama bottoms and general lounging pants since forever.  These florals are my pick for the warmer nights ahead.

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