Oct 11, 2020

Staycation Moments and Memories.

It's been a week and a bit that has, in fact, been more of a week and a half in terms of its wow factor.

Reader, I staycationed.  

I won't even try to rationalize it by calling it glamping because that Le Labo toiletries Instagram would expose my lie.

Rather, the location of our staycation was the Park Hyatt where I grappled with the Nespresso machine and mini carton of UHT milk from the minibar and savored the result of that union (messy china cup and all) as the sun rose over the Opera House.

Time at once stood still and raced along as I spent our night stay arranged on various pieces of furniture making the most of the view beyond the sliding door of our room.

The Opera House and tall ship were the constants of my view.

While the sky, ferries and passers-by down below played out dynamic scenes as a kind of backdrop to my downtime stillness.

Our stay was the perfect chance for Master SSG to play hotel guest with me because the logistics of traveling for work make it impossible for him to come along.

Spoiler.  He took to hotel life like a duck to water.

Beyond the view, I experienced the extravagance of sharing a bathroom with a perfectly maintained pot plant.

I sipped rose by the pool.

I spent a fair bit of time reflecting on life as I sat in the spa.

I helped unpack half a suitcase full of special guests who were hand picked for the little getaway.

Someone else made afternoon tea and dinner and did the dishes.

And another someone else had the best time 'making memories', a direct quote.

He's right.  We have made many memories these holidays.

In between the sessions I've devoted to clearing the backlog of housework that accumulated over last term.  The photo?  It's of the front window of our local toy store.  You eyes are not deceiving you.  They really do sell miniture Vileda and Bosch products.  It's hard work being a child in 2020.  In more ways than one, perhaps.

I've been on pool duty as we've braved the wave pool and super slide at the aquatic centre.

I'm one step closer to covering every surface of the house in crochet.

We went to the zoo on the hottest day of the school holidays.  The heat added to the authenticity of the savannah enclosure and made discovering the shady, breezy areas of the zoo as we walked around that much sweeter.

We didn't quite make it to the beach afterwards due to the non existent parking.  We did, however. take the advice of some kindly Mosman locals and found ourselves a drink nearby instead before heading home with our respective children for a bit of a splash under the hose / cold shower.

We've had one last day at the park today, the summer uniforms are ironed and ready to go and I've caught myself up on the work WhatsApp.

Here's to the final school term of the year and the craziness as we collectively head to Christmas and the New Year afterwards!!

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