Oct 30, 2020

The Last Friday of October.

It's the last Friday of October.

We're all finally able to start let go of a bit of our Covid times related tension.  Just in time for the silly season which I think we can technically start from November 1 after all we've been through collectively.

Melbourne, though, you deserve to let go of it all - just remember to stay socially distanced and as safe as you can as your world slowly returns to normal.  May there be many more 'doughnut' / zero days ahead for you and the rest of Australia.

We've had beautifully sunny afternoons which have given a sepia tint to even the most mundane scenes.  This is a random school gate that leads to some tennis courts in the senior school.  Yes.  The senior school.  Why was this mum of a junior preppie trying to blend in here?  I was helping in the hunt for an elusive library bag.  The bag's still missing in action but it's always calming walking along picket fences under the swaying branches of stately trees.

There's been rain.  Buckets of it.  It's kept the car clean and made the windows at home presentable again so it's been a win of sorts.

The rain also forced me back to the gym.  Where I rediscovered the treadmill and how I actually do enjoy running on them.

I surrendered my damaged licence plates to the RMS this week.  After I removed them in the car park at the local shopping centre.  Thanks to YouTube, it was painless for both myself and the new paintwork on my car.

Similarly painless was my time at the RMS.  Despite all the restrictions placed on them with the pandemic, it was efficiency with a smile from every staff member I met.

I've been especially handy with my screwdrivers this month.  All the loose screws in the dining table chairs are now tightened.  Farewell, creaky chairs.

Speaking of new.

I've bought myself something very sensible to wear.  A lightweight, water-resistant jacket.  Never in a million years will I ever be able to pull off bone / biscuit like Her Majesty.

So I played it safe (and sensible) with a version in black from good old lulu l.  My transformation into a Saturday Soccer Mum is complete.



It's Friday evening.  

I'm always at my wittiest at this point of the working week.

Did you know we now have Mumm from the Land of the Long White Cloud?  Mumm Marlborough has landed at Dan's.  I've taken it upon myself to try both the Brut Prestige and the Vintage Rose this silly season which I've decided starts November.  I'll report back.

It's Halloween tomorrow.  This reformed Halloween scrooge is actually looking forward to saying hello to the neighbours as we explore the haunted front gardens of the 'hood.  I had my orange socks on at work today and I've been refreshing my weather apps repeatedly to see if there's any chance it won't rain on our trick or treating parade tonight.  

Here's hoping.

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