Oct 14, 2020

Wednesday Afternoon.

And exhale.

Order has been restored.

My much-loved, slightly ancient mum mobile is back on the road.  I just picked her up from the panel beater today and she looks practically brand new. I've missed how easy it is to maneuver the tight corners of parking lots with her, the way her indicator and windscreen wiper switches are on the 'right' sides, the dulcet tones of her GPS, how I managed to BlueTooth my phone to her computer.  

It's great being back on the road with here and what a relief to be able to lose those 'hire car nerves' of the last few weeks as I've gingerly driven around in a rental.  

School's back for the shortest term of the year.  Here's to having the correct socks paired and ready to go plus the summer uniform shorts freshly ironed.

In these times of covid, a fresh supply of personal hand sanitizer dispensers were also part of our back to school preparations.

It's been such a crazy year for us all.  School has been a calming constant for us both.  Its routines connect our pre-covid lives to the post-covid lives I'm sure will be ours in the not too distant future.  On a personal note, the school grounds are a restorative bubble of swaying trees, solidly reassuring buildings and the dynamic presence of the students.  Miles away from work and the strange reality that is our country in 2020.  

Be well and I hope life is treating you kindly right now.

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