Nov 1, 2020

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: October 2020.

We're nearly at the business (read parties and good times) end of the year!!!

  1. Continuing to be counseled by Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’.  Her considered reflection and wisdom take my mind to places it needs to go on my commutes each day.
  2. The low key dramas of work today could only herald one thing - I’m on annual leave for a week and a bit as of tomorrow.

  3. Churned through the chores.  A long overdue catch up with good friends.  Holiday mode in 5,4,3,2,1…..
  4. Long weekend Sundays and the living is easy. 

  5. It went over 30C today.  I was grateful for the breezy spots at the zoo. 

    Trying to find a spot at the beach afterwards, though, defeated us.
  6. New hair and I’ve already had to lock in my pre-Christmas appointment!!!  For once, I’m GLAD this year is going by so fast.
  7. It’s not the school holidays until you’ve had that first pool day!!!!!

  8. Ahhh, when the humidity dissipates with a megadose of rain.  

  9. Our staycation begins. 

  10. And I’m still here with the view. 

  11. Sundays spent with family and friends in the sun.  Feeling fortunate that the pandemic hadn’t taken these away from me. 

  12. A surreal day in the city today. It was so very quiet on a Monday. 
  13. Back at work and back at school. 
  14. Just like that, so many problems found themselves solutions. I feel unknotted. 
  15. Even my forehead is exhausted. And there’s the drive home yet to conquer. 
  16. ‘Among Us’ apparently, it’s an online game that’s the next big thing. Googling to decide if 7-year-olds can safely play. There’s always something new with this parenting thing. 
  17. Centennial Park was in full spring mode today.

    The brilliant blooms there gave shade (and then some) to the grey skies above. 
  18. A busy but lovely Sunday. My cup is full (as is the fridge and freezer) ahead of another hectic week.  
  19. Master SSG’s homework got me thinking and reminiscing about technology at school when I was his age.

    So much has changed.  I should feel older than I do!!
  20. Forgot to bring my bathers to the pool today. 

    Silver lining moment, though.  I found a new pair which make me think of Hawaii and poolside drinks.  Can’t wait for this summer’s staycation.
  21. And boom! 

    My work computer has gone from Windows 7 ... to Windows 10!!  Hello, 2020. 
  22. High carb crumbed fish meet your low carb lettuce leaf ‘roll’!

  23. Happy World Champagne Day(s)! 

    Google tells me the day extends into tomorrow so I’ll be celebrating then. 
  24. A satisfying afternoon in the great indoors tightening the screws in the seats of my dining chairs. 

  25. Happy Grandparents Day. We rang mum Perth to wish dad and her well. We also took a trip down memory lane for a school project. 
  26. Caitlin Moran, thank you for being my new Audible mentor. 

    It's not every day I get to have so many laugh out loud moments on my drive to work.
  27. Sometimes, only a DIY sausage sizzle for dinner is the only thing that hits the spot.

  28. A day for curlig up with a find from your latest trip to the library. 

    I've rediscovered The Famous Five with Master SSG this month.
  29. My Christmas and New Year's leave request is in!!!!!!
  30. And we're back to the gloomy weather.  Just in time for the weekend.  Yay.
  31. Never mind, we won't be out trick or treating tonight after all.  It's been a dark and stormy kind of day. 

    All the reason I needed, really, to switch on my Halloween lights at 8am just so I could gaze at them twinkling throughout the day....

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