Nov 22, 2020

Consciously Un-stressing.

It's just under 4 weeks until I'm off on annual leave and I'm consciously un-stressing in anticipation.  Going for the fuss-free option wherever possible.  Leaving things off my 'to-do' list if they are neither necessary or contributing in a positive way to the un-stressing process.  

Just breathing.  Just being.  Just seeing. 

It's all sunshine and jacarandas above me

and orderly processions of ducks up ahead of me.

My feet are ready for the summer days ahead when I'll be in no hurry to be in any particular place at all.

I'm testing out snacks for the adventures we will have in the city and beyond.

I'm getting back into the knack of catching public transport because the first rule of the annual leave staycation is to leave the car parked at home as much as possible.

I've taken a one thing at a time approach to getting ready for the new year at work so that I won't feel overwhelmed and underprepared when I resurface at the coalface some time in 2021.  'Resurface', 'sometime in 2021' ... just typing those words make my shoulders drop a few centimetres.

A new supply of yellow index cards and card holders arrived this week.  Within a day of my putting the order through online at Officeworks.

Summer holiday care has been booked and recorded in my desk diary and phone.  I'm feeling very fortunate that we're covered by two programmes that Master SSG is familiar with and that his friends will be attending both with him.  Summer Holidays are one of those challenges of school parent life that leave you feeling like you deserve gold medal once you've managed to find a solution that makes everyone happy.

I couldn't write about consciously un-stressing without mentioning a Recipe Tin Eats recipe, could I?  Nagi's Gravy Baked Chicken is a multi-category winner.  It's easy, delicious and involves only one baking tray.  I thinned out the gravy with a little water at the end.  I have a feeling that this will be my roast chicken dish for Christmas lunch...

Are you a matter of weeks from annual leave for Christmas and New Years yourself?  Is consciously un-stressing part of your preparation too?


  1. That sounds like a lovely way to approach leave. I wish I could say I do that but nope - just go, go, go usually till it's time off. I don't have any leave planned but we do close between Christmas and NY and I'm just looking forward to downtime

  2. It must feel very strange not to be on a plane going somewhere for you or family to come to you. I imagine that it’s been much more stressful than for many. Take care & good to read of your plans for four weeks of leave. Denyse


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