Nov 29, 2020

How About This Heat, Sydney?

I'm going to say it because I doubt there's a soul in Sydney today who hasn't said it as well.

How.  About.  This.  Heat.  It's energy-sapping and almost soul-destroying in its ability to make everything too much effort.  And it's been relentless in pursuit of all creatures great and small.  Sun  up or sundown, the heat has been with us this entire weekend.  

My inaugural Maccas Iced Latte mostly eased the pain of attempting to shop at a Westfield for gifts on a hot Sunday morning less than a month out from Christmas.

Staff were impossibly kind and accommodating wherever we shopped today.  While there was diligence about hand sanitising, social distancing and safe numbers in store at any given moment, there was also great patience and genuine helpfulness.

This heat-stressed mum just wants to say a huge thank you from the comfort of my cool and airy home for all the care you took earlier today in helping us get presents sorted for the teachers and educators at school.

In-store purchases completed, it was time to head home to make the most of Click and Collect, Shopback and FlyBuys redemptions.  I've finally made a solid start on the toy component of this year's Christmas gifts.

It already feels like a Christmas worlds apart from the one we enjoyed when I packed away the decorations earlier this year.  We will not be home to Perth For Christmas and neither will family be here to celebrate with us.

Each box I opened this weekend was filled with memories as well as the evidence that our tree is not one that follows a tight theme of colour and design.  

Tree decorations made my Master SSG at various stages of his childhood that seemed never ending at the time but now feel like only seconds of my the nearly eight years as a mother.  

Decorations from places I travelled to with relative abandon and ease.  Again,  a practice that is so far removed from my world today that I wonder if I'll ever again venture overseas with my bought from home foreign SIM, very particular range of creature comforts from home (psyllium husk and tea bags in their own zip lock bags, anyone?) and those epic highly detailed itineraries and accompanying print outs from Google Maps.

Bits and pieces from the supermarket and department stores.  Baubles I bought from Target the day I bumped into a friend who was similarly as last-minute fatigued as I was.  Beading from Daiso I bought that last time I ventured into the city in the last weeks of being heavily pregnant.  I remember it all with fondness.

I've decided, like many of you, that this will be a Christmas to celebrate what I do have rather than what the year 'took away'.  There will be new ways of doing things which may become new traditions.  

It will all work out.  Just so long as it's not 40C at 9am on Christmas Day.  That would be #so2020.

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