Dec 24, 2020

Christmas Eve in Unusual Times.

It's been a marathon to get here and at times it felt like even the spirit of Christmas wasn't a match for the obstacle course of a year that had to be conquered to reach December 25 but we've miraculously found ourselves here on Christmas Eve willing and able to celebrate tomorrow.  Albeit under some very necessary restrictions.

Frosty on the roof of a neighbour's house.  He makes me smile everytime I drive past and I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets so much joy from the kindness of each of our neighbours who go the extra mile with their outdoor Christmas decorations.

It will be a very different Christmas for many, if not all of us this year.  Separated from family in different states and countries, eagerly anticipated travel plans cancelled, uncertainty over what the future may hold.  It's been a holiday season of faking it until you make it.  The 'commercialisation' of Christmas being met with open arms for a change this year.  The unfiltered joy, anticipation and excitement that the children of your village feel towards Christmas scooping you up in a rib crushing (but loving) bear hug with its intensity.

On a personal note, I'm feeling very grateful, fortunate and somewhat guilty for the annual leave I've been granted.  That I've not been called back to assist in the response to the latest wave of cases.  Spending my days pottering and faffing about over the holiday season this year feels like an extravagance this year and I feel a deep gratitude to those who've been called back from leave to assist in this latest wave of cases.  And who will provide this assistance with grace - as a given.

Grace was also in abundance at the shops this morning.  Despite the fact that half the car park was full at 9 am.  Security was on hand to physically direct traffic, standing in said traffic to do so.  I'm pleased to say that all the drivers I saw obeyed their helpful instructions, often with a grateful wave of thanks through a wound down driver's side window.

Our favourite cafe was open and efficiently connecting punters with their standing coffee orders.  Master SSG was over the moon with his gift - a personal stash of marshmallows from the official babycino and hot chocolate jar just to the left of the espresso machine.

These were the last eschallots available at Woolies today and they came home with me to be quick pickled for tomorrow's salad.

And now I'm home from the madness of the shops and well into my day of dessert making for Christmas lunch.  We're three quarters of the way through a jelly cake and I've made the foundation layer of my annual creation of Donna Hay's White Chocolate and Raspberry Trifle.

The laundry sink 'esky' has been filled with ice and drinks to free up space in the fridge, the brandy and glassware are ready for another batch of White Christmas Sangria.

The glassware is sparkling and ready for action.  I even managed to find my Christmas serviettes.

It's Christmas tomorrow and I can't wait.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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