Dec 23, 2020

Three Days Into My Three Week Staycation.

I'm three days into my three week staycation and life is good.   I can feel my batteries recharging with each wander up the road to the shops for coffee and lunch.  The stubborn knots in my mind and body unkinking as another day passes without my having to deal with the traffic and the myriad tasks and problems that make up an average day at work.

The 'to-do list' of my days right now are governed by the weather or whatever catches my attention at that particular moment.  

An overcast and windy day spent indoors made me think of our indoor fairy lights and how I needed to put them up.  They're now glittering away on a path that takes in the door to the laundry and the living room before reaching the finish line atop our Christmas tree (which is already quite heavily draped in lights).

Doing the sheets has suddenly become fun.  The stages of washing, drying and then returning their natural habitat providing welcoming punctuation to the fluidity of daily life right now.  

I made a fortuitous discovery whilst doing all those extra loads of washing.  Did you know that you can clean your front loading washing machine by doing sequential cycles of white vinegar then bleach and finally just using water?  Use the hottest temperature your machine has, set to the most intense wash cycle and prepare your eyes for the sparkle when you open the door to load your next wash.

I've even had the time (and motivation) to read every piece of paper that finds itself in my letterbox.  The street behind my house has been a hive of activity recently.  The kind of activity that saw marquees being erected, chairs and tables set up and trucks laden with cameras and scaffolding  nabbing the best parking spots while people moved in and out of one particular garage with purpose.  I thought it all added up to a film crew and I was right!

I just know I'm going to be one of those 'Concerned Citizen' type retirees with Miss Marple aspirations when the time comes.  I just know it.

My dollars treadmill is still the centre of attention at home.  It's been used as a supermarket conveyor belt (switched off and under adult supervision) on more than one occasions and it's even taken me back to Paris....

via this Seine River Walk lead by Florent Thevenot.

It's technically a walk but Florent and his lovely accent ran a few intervals along the way.  I'm a joiner and after a while those intervals coalesced into some pretty decent running.  It's the Paris and Florent effect.

We might not be able to fly to Paris or anywhere else right now but at least we have this runway and airport that we're building out of Nanoblocks.

How's your Christmas staycation going?

As restorative in its mundane nature as mine?

Be well.

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