Jan 4, 2021

2021 So Far: All That Glitters.

It's a wonderful feeling not quite knowing which day of the week it is.  Not even the miserable weather (past, present and sadly forecast for the foreseeable future) is dampening my enthusiasm at being time fluid for at least another week.

The things that are making me smile the widest right now happen to be those that have a bit of glitter about them.

Our indoor fairy lights that were first put up for Christmas and then Master SSG's birthday and New Year's look like staying up right up until the end of this month.  There's something magical about the twinkle of fairy lights against such mundane things as security doors, the laundry basket and the top shelf that houses the emergency torch and toilet rolls.  

We popped some New Years Eve poppers in the garden last week.  I'm leaving that glitter exactly where it is for the same reasons that the fairy lights are still twinkling over around the door to the laundry room.   Everyday magic.

Visiting the Tramsheds has become one of our 'Christmas and New Year in Sydney' traditions.  We visit each year with our favourite people.

And I can feel it again.  Something magical in the twinkle of the fairy lights that's being sprinkled on the blank pages of the new year ahead.  Albeit on a more inspired and breathtaking scale than those humble string of lights of home.  I live for the hope and promise that this time of the year provides.  Coupled with that wonderful deceleration of everyday life, it's a time of dreams and plans as to how these dreams may be realised.

It might be a new year but my love of crochet one thing I've carried with me from 2020.  They don't quite glitter in this photo but that's silver and gold glitter Fimo marbled into the handles of my aluminium hooks. You can bake the handles right on the hooks!  Doesn't cabin fever inspire the best DIY with Youtube projects?

Glitter at a more mundane and sobering level.  Face masks are now mandatory in Sydney.  We were fortunate enough to find them, still at half price, at Woolies on Sunday.  Along with a half price box of Godiva chocolates - it is they that bring the glitter to this photo and hence its inclusion in this post.  

Yes, they would be Hot Cross Buns in the top right-hand corner of the photo as well.  Choc chip brioche.  In times like these, the likes of me could do well to hop off their high horses about Hot Cross Buns on the shelves in January and give into their comforting charms.  I wonder if this means that Godiva Easter Eggs won't be too far away as well?

Have you started on the Hot Cross Buns yet this year? Desperate times and all?

Be well.

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  1. HNY!
    Coles already selling Easter eggs!!!


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