Jan 1, 2021

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: December 2020.

We made it!!!!  Not even the pandemic can put a dampener on my love of December and all the joy its celebrations bring.  Along with the joy, there's been a fair bit of self-reflection this month.  It's been quite a year and I've come through it changed in many ways.

  1. For the first day of chocolate this last-minute mum cobbled together one of the last advent calendars available at Woolies plus a box of Christmas Lindt (just in case the compounded chocolate in the calendar didn't quite cut it).

  2. Making up for lost time with my own advent calendar which arrived in the post today.

  3. Treadmilled alongside the penguins in  Antarctica this morning.

  4. What a difference! 

    Changed the bulb in my desk lamp to this Cool Daylight with Eye Comfort option and the world instantly looked brighter.
  5. Brilliant ideas all round today.

      Things I can do to the backyard and ways to decorate a home made ice cream cake. Master SSG's birthday party is getting close and the pressure is on!  In the nicest possible way.
  6. And that's a wrap.  My last weekend working for 2020.  Looking forward to weekends being spent on nothing but fun stuff and celebration for the rest of the year.  
  7. We made it to Speech Night!! 

    It's been quite a year for Master SSG, well done!!!
  8. Nearly done.  I've only got a couple more presents to buy.  Oh and the Christmas Lunch menu to plan.  So not really nearly done, then.
  9. Whatever we put out to the world, we will eventually receive back.  Just not necessarily via the original recipient of our energy and intent...  Listening along and thinking in response to Jay Shetty today.
  10. 2020, the year that keeps on giving.  Mostly bad giving but consistency is key, I guess.  I'm breathing and it's sort of helping.  Another day that needs to end on my yoga mat.
  11. It's Friday and takeaway pizza is on the agenda tonight.  Happy days.
  12. Our annual Christmas get together and gift exchange. 

    From the White Christmas Sangria to the pure joy and relief of having survived the year that was, it was a very special Saturday afternoon indeed.
  13. Here's hoping that my high efficiency today will pave the way for a smooth final Monday at work before some annual leave the week after.
  14. Further wise words from Jay Shetty's 'Think Like A Monk' on Audible this morning.  The duality of being alone.  At times it can be a painful and hollow loneliness. At other times, a beautiful and deeply fulfilling solitude.
  15. Last visit to the hairdresser for 2020. 

    Ending the year with fabulous hair - a daring few shades lighter than I began the year with.
  16. Mesmerized by the dense mist that covered Sydney this morning. 

    I could feel it on my skin as I walked through it.
  17. I finished listening to Jay Shetty's 'Think Like A Monk' today.  I've been challenged and (dare I say it) changed in so many ways by Jay's interpretation of Buddhism in the modern world.
  18. My last day at work for 2020.  As far as I'm concerned, this marks the end of the business end of the year.  So I'm farewelling the year that was in a very fitting manner. 

    Bye, bye 2020.
  19. Busy, busy, busy.  But at least the garden looks the better for it.
  20. A small, COVID safe 8th birthday celebration for Master SSG today. 

    Despite the rain.  Grateful, as always, for my friends and family for being here for us.
  21. The first Monday of annual leave. 

    Just the excuse I need to have leftover party food for dinner....
  22. Pottering around the house under the soft glow of my fairy lights.  It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
  23. And I'm done. 

    I've bought all the food I need for Christmas lunch.  Feeling so ahead of the curve but trying not to gloat.
  24. The luxury of time this Christmas Eve. 

    An entire day to get started on my desserts for lunch tomorrow.  Feeling very fortunate to have this time off when so many have been called back from annual leave to assist in the management of the latest Covid wave.
  25. It really was a Merry Christmas for us this year. 

    The differences and challenges made it more personal and meaningful celebration for me than how I've observed today in years past.
  26. A day in splashing about in the backyard, modelling Fimo (remember that stuff??) and making pizza subs for lunch. 

    My inner child was left very content by today while my present self snagged a few online bargains from the online Boxing Day sales in between activities.
  27. Rush of emotions this morning. 

    The tree's come down, the decorations packed away.  I hadn't expected Christmas to be as special for us as it was this year.  Until next time, memory-laden tree decorations.  Until next year.
  28. Hot chips with extra chicken salt after a day at the pool. 

    The perfect antidote to what's going on outside.  There's a storm brewing.  An ominous one.
  29. Thank you, Two Tags for helping me embrace the bike shorts trend ... the third time it's returned in my lifetime.  I reckon this will be my last crack at it so I'm going  out with a bang!!

  30. A bittersweet 'goodbye for now'.  We bid some special people a temporary farewell and prayed for their safe journey to their new home.  The tears prickling behind my eyes all day couldn't be restrained any longer as we hugged goodbye after dinner tonight.  Always in our hearts and thoughts and fortunately only a quick regional plane flight away.
  31. And now we are eight. 

    Grateful that through thick and thin and despite everything the year has given and taken - I've been able to keep my special little person safe and well.
Goodbye, 2020.  I'm taking the hard lessons learned and the good times with me into 2021 and leaving the rest of behind (where it belongs).

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