Jan 26, 2021

Beach Days. Farewell, Target.

It's been quite a week.  

So much so that my poor little brain tried to enter the supermarket car park with my work swipe card.

And the champagne de-corked itself with such precision and force that the cork landed in the middle of the vegetables I'd just cut to go with my mid week packet of Mi Goreng.

Even my carrots were struggling this week.  Can you imagine limping through the day with that much leg length discrepancy?

All I can say at times like this is ....

 thank goodness for the beach.

Because a solid series of mornings at the beach makes everything better.  I've always enjoyed a walk on the beach every now and then but this summer, our visits have seen us become more interactive with the water.  

There are two pontoons in the swimmers' area at our local beach and we've swum to both.  One of us has dive-bombed from both while another of us has wiggled around a bit on the decking before somewhat elegantly sliding back into the water instead of diving.  

The humble boogie board has been the MVP of our beach mornings.  It's given Master SSG a bit more confidence to paddle out into the water while having the board on hand has helped me keep him safe after he does a bombie or if he needs a break between swims.  Might get myself one as well for next summer.

Flip-flopping your way from sand to snacks is one of those simple joys of beach life.

And your reward for making it up all those stairs after all that swimming?  Being spoilt for choice in the icy pole department.

In less sunny news, we have a date.  Which means we have closure.  Bricks and mortar Target stores around the country are being closed to make way for KMarts.  For me, March 20 is the day I say goodbye to one of my most loved shops at the local Westfield.  

Despite being a (very) active online shopper, shopping Target online just isn't the same as going in-store.  For years now, Target has been the shop everyone in the family is happy to visit together.  The prices have been fair (bordering on 'such a steal!!' territory), the quality agreed upon as good to very good by all generations present, the style on point and guaranteed to work well with things you already have at home. Plus, it's just easy to navigate the wide walkways and well-spaced racks of goods and clothing.

There's the thrill of finding that yellow clearance sticker on something you were thinking about just the other week.  You've now been pushed over the line to place it in your red basket.

Elsewhere, Dannie Minogue's Petites and the regular workwear ranges can always be relied upon for budget-friendly pieces that both fit and wash well.  It's amazing how hard it is to find plain tank tops with enough coverage to wear to work in stores these days.  And to find them for under $15?  Only at Target.

I know March 20 is ages away but I'm glad I've already managed to do my 'farewell shop'.

Is your local Target closing?  Planning to head in to find one last yellow clearance sticker before it does?

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