Jan 6, 2021

Crystals, Day-Glo and Ecosa Pillows.

Staycations are here to stay by the looks of things, Sydney.  With border closures and international travel requirements in a constant state of flux - staying in place just seems like both the right and least stressful thing to do right now.

My fellow Sydney-siders have done the city proud and together we've accepted our fate with good grace.  I was at our local Westfield the day after mask-wearing was made compulsory for indoor activities throughout Greater Sydney and everyone I saw was dutifully wearing their face mask. In addition, we all checked in with the Service NSW app when required and kept our distance from each other inside.  I feel for the food, beverage and retail businesses out there as they struggle to comply with the rules, keep their outlets adequately staffed for both their original business as well as the new Covid related roles of more frequent cleaning plus face the challenges of slowdowns in the delivery of their stock and supplies.  Hopefully, wearing masks keeps everyone safe while allowing businesses to remain viable and keep their staff on.

We've gardens of all sorts growing at home.  The terrariums are still very much alive.  The aisles of KMart delivered this $10 underwater crystal garden to the dining table and we've enjoyed watching our crystals grow, seemingly by the hour.

Day-Glo blue and green seem to be the official colours of this staycation.

Slime made with glittery Elmer's Glue is so 2020 (thank goodness).  2021 appears to be the year of Zuru Bunch O Balloons.  This nifty launcher gives accuracy to wayward throws and ensures your balloon hits its target (a tree stump in our case) with a satisfying thwack before this splat.

All sorts of challenges have been accepted and achieved.  Master SSG can now tie shoelaces (using my trainers as practice).  A whole new world of shoes awaits him now.  Just in time for the new school year.

After a few tears and lots of unpicking, I'm well on the way to mastering the Bulgarian crochet stitch.  It was dayglo green to the rescue again because I think adding a few rows of stitching in this superhero colour has given my throw a bit of definition.

Flitting back to 'back to school' for a minute.  Did you know that denture cleaning tablets work a treat on drink bottles?  They're especially useful for the kind whose tops are a combination of stainless steel, plastic and rubber because the tablets clean everything effectively without risk of damaging any of the components.  

And lastly, this staycation has given us the gift of good pillows.

Ecosa make only one kind of pillow and it's a winner.  It comes in a reusable vaccum pack which you can use to take it traveling (when it's eventually possible to be a Sydneysider to do so again).  After the pillow inflates fully, simply unzip the back of the protector and add as many of the included inserts as you need.

The pillows do look larger than standard pillows but don't worry, Ecosa make deliciously soft bamboo bed linen to match your new pillows.

Only a few days left of leave for me.  I'm off to take up where I left off.  

See you in a bit.

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