Jan 9, 2021

It's Time. Lasagna. Local Activewear Labels.


It's time.  I'm having hot cross buns for breakfast in early January and I derived great pleasure on Friday morning in fixing the latch on the front gate with my own hands using odds and ends hardware I had stashed away for odd jobs such as this.

It's been just on three weeks of deeply relaxing, pottering around doing not much at all staycationing and I'm ready to head back to work on Monday morning.

When you've done such a thorough job of raking the lawn it higlights the dead patches  in the process.

The highlights of this go slow reset have been about something I've come to appreciate more and more as I approach the second half of my fabulous forties.  We've found joy in the little things around us.  I've also created space.  Literally as a result of a staged clean out I've done of the house over the last few weeks and also spiritually as the new order in my surrounds has worked its wonders on me.

But we're all about the visuals and accompanying text on this blog so I'll get back on track now.

If you haven't made Recipe Tin's Lasagna and Garfield's favourite food is your thing - what are you waiting for?

via Google images

While Garfield is American and hence likely to favour the ricotta cheese sauce way of doing things, Nagi's recipe features a bechamel sauce made with a roux, milk and cheeses such as paremesan and mozzarella (your choice).  The ragu is well worth the effort, mine was on the stove for close to 2 hours by which time the mince was so very tender.  Nagi's tip of alternating the way you lay down the lasagna sheets (horizontal then vertical orientations for example) really does help the lasagna to keep its structural integrity as you cut it.

Me being  me, I soon found things to fill the space I created in the great declutter.  The French Beauty Company is an Australian based etailer that brings the best of French beauty to your doorstep without the taxes and delays of ordering from European based sites.  My order arrived beautifully and securely wrapped with an abundance of samples as well.

Yes, I really did order four bottles of Nuxe's Huile P in the Florale fragrance.   That very same Huile P from that Monoprix in Paris I visited way back in October 2019.  Fond memories of simpler times and seizing the opportunity to visit when I did.  I remember being just a little anxious ahead of my trip because of the political tensions in France at the time but my anxiety proved to be unfounded.  Especially in the context of the way the world beyond our shores is at the moment.

Of course I bought activewear during this staycation.

The Fast Times Short from Nimble is one of my finds of the season.  They're comfortable, flattering, well made and I love the prints Nimble release.

Via Nimble

Between Nimble and Two Tags, the future of my activewear wardrobe is bright.  Which is a relief because I think I'll be wearing activewear as going to work wear for quite a while longer.

via Active Truth

Special mention also to Active Truth a size inclusive brand I've just discovered after hearing lots of rave reviews from fellow running and activewear enthusiasts.  The range also includes maternity and compression styles.  I bought these bike shorts as my first foray into the range and love the high and supportive waist (even in this non specialized style).  Again, there are lots of beautiful prints in Active Truth's range and it's always great to be able to support an Australian label that uses models that represent the range of their customer base.

We had our gum boots and raincoats out for most of this break as we went about our business on this go slow, low key staycation.  I've just given the boots a wipe down and put away the rain coats now that they've dried.

And wouldn't you know it?  The forecast for the week ahead is blue skies and a return to proper summer weather.

Just in time for my return to work.  Oh well.

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