Jan 31, 2021

Just A Little Type On A Sunday Afternoon.

We still have the sand.

Grains of it still pepper the floorboards and find their way to the soles of my feet as I pad around the house getting ready for the day ahead.  I feel it on my forearms from the yoga mat as I begin yoga practice before bed.  It's still caked on the mini surfboard in the boot of the car.

Aside from the sand, life has been business as usual.  Taking up from where we left off before Christmas last year.

School is back.  In lace-up shoes.  Whose toe boxes haven't been scuffed down to under the dyed layer from that mysterious walk that kindergarteners are wont to do.  Do they actually catch their feet under things on purpose as they walk?  Or do they bust out a bit of a crawl just for the fun of it during mat time in class?  Whatever the reason behind them, I'm so glad the days of scuffed toe boxes are behind us.  New school shoes each term was not fun for anyone involved.

The emptiness of this corner fills me with joy.  Until this morning, it housed the things awaiting council bulk rubbish collection.  It's now all on the verge awaiting collection tomorrow.  I'm still gazing in adoration at it now, from where I'm sitting having this little type.

You know how I have this fascination with recipes involving French Onion soup packet and cans of condensed soup?  Well, now I don't have to choose between them because this No Peek Chicken recipe combines them both.  Be warned it does get a bit salty on account of all the soups but it's such an easy recipe to pull together and it's one of those all in one (as in carbs and protein both accounted for) recipes the oven cooks for you.

Don't forget the fresh herbs and a lovely white instead of water for the rice.  You're welcome.

I've had a glass of what I was cooking with and I have a new box of Mecca Beauty Loop samples.  The stage is set and I am recharged for the busy week ahead.  On the subject of beauty samples.  Pillow spray that's meant to help you sleep.  The idea of spraying your pillows lovingly as you drift into your bedroom after an evening of unwinding and unburdening.  Really just at the idea stage for me right now but it's the thought that counts....

What will probably be my reality this week is breakfast as dinner at least one night of the working week.  Scrambled eggs are so easy on the stomach, they're bound to help a person sleep, even if they are eaten after 8pm.

I'll leave you with this photo of my Lego flowers.  Credit to Master SSG for his Lego assembly skills.

Are you rested and ready for the new week and month?  As puzzled as to how the year is already flying by?

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